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Codder 06-03-2007 07:48 PM

TB-Noob the best thing to do in that situation is contact the shop where you bought the kite, they should take care of you

Stevil Kenevil 06-03-2007 08:23 PM

I would tell them you're reprezentin the Slappaho Tribe and then Bitch Slap 'em with yo d!ck hand, dawg....Fo real YO!

TampaBay Noob 06-03-2007 08:24 PM

Yeah I would def. do something like that in this situation. Hence lies our problem, for waroo owners, in the tampa/st. pete area. Until now, there hasn't been any retailers for Best so I can't go to a shop. I had to buy the kite locally from someone. I can't go through WSW because my money is already floating out there. Sure Randy is a dealer, but I don't imagine he carries parts for the '06 line since he sells new gear and mostly the basics. I'll call best again tomorrow....

TampaBay Noob 06-03-2007 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by Stevil Kenevil (Post 20026)
I would tell them you're reprezentin the Slappaho Tribe and then Bitch Slap 'em with yo d!ck hand, dawg....Fo real YO!

or as danimal would put it....pimp slap the bitch. Of course, you have to use the outside of your hand or it doesn't count. lol

Stevil Kenevil 06-04-2007 08:33 AM

This is a good example of why you should buy locally from a shop.(WSW pimpline). Although I dont own the latest and greatest kites on the market like most of you guys, my local shop has never let me down. If I have a problem with a kite, they help me resolve the issue quickly, and do whatever it takes to keep me on the water.I know that Best is smashing the other brands with their marketing tactics and low price points, but taking care of the customer is not at the top of their list, and thats why I am hesitant to purchase a new Best kite.
I had a SS Machine that was heavily ridden for almost a year, the canopy had stretched out, causing a flap in the wingtip area, and affected how the kite was flying. My boys at WSW (and Neil H.)were right there for me, contacting the warranty dept. at Slingshot and getting me a brand new kite, bar and lines, in a hurry. I had to twist the shop owner's arm to take 50 bucks to cover the shipping costs.They could have said that I flew the kite outside of the recomended wind range and shot me a birdie finger. They could have kept the new bar and lines, slapped a price tag on it and made some money out of the deal(approx. 300 bucks), but, instead Steve L. said "That new kite is too pretty to fly on an old bar and lines, take this brand new one and keep the old for a spare, and BTW, thanks for your business". That 300 dollar bar could have bought them a few Martinis, and that moment showed me that WSW looks out for their customer, no matter what. Between WSW and Slingshot, they had all impressed me beyond belief and will always get my businesss.
If anyone plans on being a kite retailer, they should have plenty of extra accesories on hand to replace the stuff that breaks or wears out. If not, they are selling a disposable kite-We want to get on the water NOW, not a month from now...
Support your LOCAL SHOPS............................................. ..........

muchacho 06-04-2007 08:34 AM

"why would you risk your life to a cheap best kite made in china.. think about it like sky diving: why risk life on 100 dollar lines and a 600 dollar kite when you could have 300 dollar lines and a 1500 dollar kite. thats why we dont sell best"

WSW 2005

so now you sell it after all.

Stevil Kenevil 06-04-2007 09:46 AM

Muchacho- Its easy to run your mouth when you dont have to back it up.Identify yourself or keep your mouth shut.

Noob's problem is not WSW's, its Best's. Its a warranty issue. You just jumped on the chance to bash the shop, maybe they said something stupid in 2005, you said something stupid TODAY.

You are bagging on THE SHOP THAT ALWAYS SPONSORS EVERY KITING EVENT IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA AND DONATES THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PRODUCT EVERY TIME. You and many others buy elsewhere trying to save a few bucks. Take your savings and buy some class you F'N CHEAPSKATE. (And make sure to wear a helmet when butting heads with a billy goat.)

I have bashed Best for years, its kinda fun(and really easy). The fact is that I like the Waroos a lot, but I dont have the slightest bit of confidence in their customer service dept. and I have chosen not to buy their product. I am really glad that WSW is carrying them now, because I know that they are a solid shop and will carry everything you need for those kites. They will end up being a savior to those Best owners(Noob, for example) who need parts to get back on the water, but only after the manufacturer SUPPLIES them with the goods. They(WSW) have jumped through the hoops of becoming a Best retailer, and now its up to Best to provide them with necessary items to fully service ALL of their customers, both past and present. If Best can't do that, they are selling disposable kites and should advertise as such. Until then, I will stick with the brands and SHOPS who have proven themselves to respect their customers.

Stevil Kenevil 06-04-2007 10:15 AM


Team Stevil Kenevil.......1

Muchacho and the Moaners........0

Next batter please....

Skyway Scott 06-04-2007 10:44 AM

Geezus, talk about not backing up your words.

Steve, you just "bought" a used waroo, did you not? It wasn't a new one from WSW.
Buy from the local shop and stop talking about it. They save you money, earn your respect, and then you save by getting a kite used instead of buying one new off of them.
Don't throw stones unless you want some thrown back.
Keeping score? What is this?

Danimal8199 06-04-2007 10:56 AM

Let me just go on the record and say that when I first entered this sport 2 months ago I like many others getting into this sport looked at e-bay and craigslist for a good deal. It wasn't until I wandered into WSW and was given about 2.5 hours of personal time and service that I bought my entire set up from them.

During a water relaunch something went wrong and I snapped 2 of my lines.

I went to the shop and I had 2 new lines overnighted. Was up and riding again a day later when the wind picked up. You have to give it to them on the service aspect, they take care of their customers.

Yes, best is easy to bash. I took lessons on a Waroo and had no problem with it, its a nice setup. I also am aware that they did have problems with their kites in 06 with the leading edge. Those problems seem to be addressed for 2007. Plus, WSW has the right to change their mind anytime they want, including over a 2 year period as we have all seen great improvements in gear.

My point is that if you want a good experience as a kiter and great support, then the shop is where you need to go.

As Stevil said, the shop will probably be a blessing for best...

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