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neil xrated 06-04-2007 11:04 AM

Stevil gets my support and he is the kind of customer I will always support and bend over backwards for. Cheers Neil

Skyway Scott 06-04-2007 11:08 AM

Sounds exceptionally reasonable given your information, Danimal.
I have to ask this one question. Who locally had an '06 leading edge problem on a Waroo? In other words, where did you get this 06 LE issue info?

I have to say Steve, I think you are exceptionally misinformed on Best customer service. While working at EK, I had SO much confidence in Best and their customer service, I would mail out a replacement kite the moment I got a warranty issue from a customer and then call Best secondarily to get a kite mailed to the shop for "reimbursement". I did this about 6 times. That was out of hundreds of kites sold. (low failuire rate)
Extreme always covered the customer when I was at Extreme and Best always had our back. It was impressive.
I suspect some of this is the result of Daryl showing faith in the company from very early on.

Danimal8199 06-04-2007 11:49 AM

SKyway, I had two sources:

1) I discussed my purchase with Randy, my kiting instructor and he mentioned on a fw occasions that the quality of the 06's were not up to that of the 07's, this could be because he may have been trying to pursude me to buy from him????

2) In researching kites I found a number of forum threads and researching kite repairs I found other threads about a number of examples where there were problems with the LE giving out.

Here is a thread from the best site itself:

If you feel this is the exception rather than the rule, it was enough for me not to buy an 06 waroo, and of course is my own opinion.

Keep in mind though that I learned how to kite on a waroo and have no problems with them, and I see alot of ppl flying them.

muchacho 06-04-2007 11:52 AM

just because you dont know wsw history doesnt mean everyone else forgot it.

which new kites have u bought at wsw stevil?

popeye 06-04-2007 12:19 PM

Wow been away for awhile and didn't even know they were selling Best now!

It's probably true that the shop has a history of bashing best and it's retailers (who doesn't?)... etc, but hey so what, that's how it works if you are trying to sell another product right!

I say it's a good thing they started selling Monkey and now Best. Honestly, Best's gear hardly ever fails and when it does they are quick to replace it (unless they are back ordered of course, but every company has that issue now and then). Since I ride Best gear myself, I would love to see a few more people selling it locally.

I usually order my stuff from because as far as I know they sell more best gear than best themselves so the prices are good. When I called they had 300 bars in stock. Best had none in stock because they shipped them all to extreme... that gives you an idea of how much Best gear extreme sells.

Problem is, they are on the east coast so I can't see or hold what I'm buying...

Randy sells and demos Best gear, and St. Pete Kite Sport has been dealing and demo'ing best gear for YEARS now... longer than anyone else in the area. He was the first guy with a hellfish...remember that?

It's no surprise that WSW would *FINALLY* start selling Best instead of fighting it... fact is Best has the one of the best warranties in the industry and the gear is excellent. Face it they became popular despite the bashing because their customer service really IS as good as the products. Yeah they screw up now and then...

Personally, I've never seen a best kite rupture, explode, or otherwise self destruct. The 06 seam problem hasn't popped up on any of the 06 waroos locally (we have a lot of them here) so it is a non-issue. I have two 06 waroos myself.

Guys, competition means lower prices... and if WSW can beat extreme's prices (they say they beat any price on their website), then we are gonna get kites ultra cheap :) No point in dredging up harsh words from the past... I say let their actions speak and see where they leads us.

I think I just pimped every shop. Do I need to pay an advertising fee?


bryanleighty 06-04-2007 12:39 PM

ahhh i can see we are getting to another lull in the winds.. tempers are begining to flare.


between myself and Dan B. we have 7 2006 waroos and all have been well used. I pump my LE to rock solid pressure (CrazyJay once told me he'd never launched a kite so infated before) and I've never had an issue that was not my own fault.. damn trees... so that exploding leading edge thing is probably blown way out of proportion. maybe.

Ive had my kites for well over a year and ride them constantly.. never had a problem with a bridle and never have had to change my pulleys.

Ive read stories of riders w/ failed pulleys after 2 sessions.

who knows .. might be someone telling stories to bash a company.. maybe not. Ive NEVER seen this issue locally and there are a f*cking sh*tload of waroos around here.

then again.. telling stories like that scared you out of buying a BEST kite.. guess it worked.

New riders will all find their preferences .. thats why i think they should always try to get a good used kite at first until they get some experience to lay down the cash for a kite they really know they want. my 2 cents.

I am very happy for WSW to be selling BEST.. think that is going to be a great venture for them as BESTs kites are popular as hell.. and how great to buy local and know you will be taken care of by the folks there.

I purchased most all my stuff from Extreme Kites because they sold what I wanted and they have been there for me when I've needed warranty help..

This is GREAT thing for our area. I hope they sell more and more kite brands. I would love to have the option to demo all sorts of brands when I am ready to update my quiver. I do love my waroos, but I am always on the lookout..

Extreme Kites has only done good for me and the guys at WSW have only done good for me.. this pissing match is pointless.

Stevil Kenevil 06-04-2007 01:26 PM

FYI, MYWAY SCOTT- I have purchased all 2 of my NEW kites from WSW, as well as 2 boards, in my kiting existence. I also have a Skywalker board that WSW doesnt carry.

What you witnessed the other day and HAD NO BUSINESS posting about was, a conversation between two friends about helping each other out. He asked for help with repairing his bladder and I offered to help him. In return, he offered a kite for a good price, because my friend understands that I do not have an endless kite budget like some of you guys, and he doesnt throw that in my face as you are trying to do.... If I had the money I would drive straight to WSW and buy a whole quiver of kites because the HAVE earned my RESPECT, and they HAVE come through for me many times over. I have seen that dealing with a local shop is well worth the few extra bucks when you're in a pinch and need some parts. My original point was about buying NEW kites from a shop instead of online and I used my dealings with the shop as an example of good customer service from SS and WSW. Yes, MYWAY, I might purchase the used kite from my friend to update my old 2004 Fuel 11m. Thank you for pointing that out.
Now its my turn.........

Next batter up- Stevil Kenevil

Now, be honest MYWAY, whats your annual kiting budget and how much of that has been spent locally to support your local scene?(# of kites and boards purchased and where will be sufficient)
How much swag do you have from attending WSW sponsored event parties in which you did not participate?
Were you and Tomuchacho at any of the beach cleanups to help build positive relations with us and park officials? As I recall, there were 42 volunteers there that didn't see either one of you. Every one of those people earned my respect that day, most of them non kiters or newbies. It saddened me to see that 99.9% of the kiting community didn't even bother showing up.

Tom- wasn't it a Best quick release that failed you a few years ago at East Beach, sending you on a trip down the "Muchacho Memorial Highway"?(Thats the NORTH/SOUTH road at EB, perpendicular to the main road, ending in the mangroves) Now if WSW had carried Best back then, you could have drove right to the shop and picked up a new QR (complete with instructions), some band aids and a clean pair of shorts, and not have had all the hassles that you had, right? Why bash the shop? You didnt buy there.

This forum happens to have more than just one opinion and no censor button(unlike the last one), shall we continue? This is FUN!!!!

Stevil Kenevil 06-04-2007 01:52 PM

Since there are no fees for entering this pissing match, I am getting a little closer to getting that shiny new kitethingamajigger.....
Is there any prize money involved? This could help my kite budget increase very quickly!

My feelings about Best's customer service are merely from my observations with situations like Noob's. I am confident that if purchased at WSW, Noob would be out riding with me and his buddies, instead of staring at his mailbox waiting for a bridle. If they didn't have one, I think that they would pull a bridle off a display kite or give him a loaner until the parts arrived, because WSW looks out for their homies, and that was my point.
Thanks Neil!- I will now buy you a martini (since I am apparently too damn cheap to buy a new kite) and a few shots of local shop loyalty for my friends here.

popeye 06-04-2007 01:59 PM

(cleaned up)

Glad to see WSW selling BEST but I think they should hire a new sales team.... you are not doing a very good job of representing them. You are bound to have a few guys out there that are still sore with WSW over things they've done in the past (muchaco?).

But as I said in my post, so what! The more people selling kites here locally the better. It means better prices for all of us.

BTW, best sent me a quick release the next day... I didn't even have to drive all the way to clearwater to pick it up. It showed up right at my door for free. I'm not sure what your point is? Are you saying I am bashing best, or the shop, over that quick release or what? I guess I don't understand what you are saying.

toby wilson 06-04-2007 02:02 PM

Chill Out
Guys, chill out. Say something positive or don't say anything at all. Bad vibes suck. We're all bros here, share the stoke, you never know when the shop or person you are bashing will save your ass one day or have an extra kite or board or harness one day when yours breaks and its nuking all day long...just my $0.02.

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