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RickI 10-16-2012 10:17 PM

NEW GoPro3 Camera Introduced and On Pre-Sale!!!

GoPro Hero3!!!

"GoPro CEO Nick Woodman announces the GoPro HERO3: the smallest, lightest, most powerful way to document your life.

The Wi-Fi enabled HERO3: Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro, ever. No expense was spared during its development, resulting
in a GoPro that is 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful than previous models.

HERO3 video premier & HERO3 pre-order going live on at 12:01 AM PST TONIGHT

Come get radical with us tonight at "

I've deleted the rumored capabilities and have replaced them with GoPro information just released today:

"Smaller, Lighter... Better Weighing in at a scant 2.6 ounces, the HERO3: Black Edition is 25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models.

2X Faster Video Performance

The HERO3: Black Edition captures professional, cinema-quality video at 2X the resolution and 2X the frame-rate of previous models while delivering 2X better low light performance. Slow-motion aficionados and industry professionals will love the HERO3: Black Edition's 1080p-60, 720p-120, WVGA-240, 960p-100 and 1440p-48 high frame-rate video modes while those desiring a cinematic look will appreciate the ultra-high resolution 2.7kp-30 and 4kp-15 video modes.

3X Faster Photo Performance

The HERO3: Black Edition's photo performance is 3X faster, now boasting 12MP burst capture at a staggering 30 frames per second with 2X better low light performance compared to previous models. Still Photo and Time-lapse Photo modes remain the same but are joined by a new Continuous Photo mode that captures continuous 12MP stills at a steady 3, 5, or 10 photo-per-second rate, up to 30 photos at a time. And for those that like pulling still images from video, 4kp15 video mode captures 8+MP video at 15 frames per second making it perfect for pulling still images from video.

Sharper Lens, Less Distortion

The HERO3's reduced-distortion, 6-element aspherical lens combines with user-selectable Ultra-wide, Medium and Narrow field-of-views to deliver more perspective-capture options than ever before. Add the totally updated flat-lens waterproof housing that delivers stunning image sharpness both above and below water and you've got one of the most powerful and durable image capture solutions on the planet.

Updated Audio System

Understanding that sound quality sound is as important as image quality, GoPro engineers completely redesigned the HERO3's audio system to be as adept at capturing the subtle, natural sounds of voice and music as it is at capturing the immersive sounds of sport. Also improved is GoPro's already famous wind-noise reduction, ensuring that you'll hear more of your passion, be it your engine or expletives, and less of the wind during high speed activities.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Remote Included

The HERO3 Black Edition features built-in Wi-Fi and includes GoPro's Wi-Fi Remote accessory. The Wi-Fi Remote is normally available as a $79.99 accessory but is included with the HERO3: Black Edition. The Wi-Fi Remote is waterproof, wearable and can control up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled GoPros at a time from a range of 600'. The HERO3's built in Wi-Fi means it can also be controlled by iOS or Android smartphones and tablets running the GoPro App. The GoPro App enables full camera control and live scene preview on any compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

The HERO3: Black Edition is compatible with all GoPro mounting accessories and older generation BacPacs™ along with the newer generation LCD Touch BacPac and 2nd generation Battery BacPac. However, as all HERO3 cameras have a new size and shape they require HERO3-specific Wrist, Skeleton and 3D housings so be sure to check for HERO3 compatibility when purchasing any new housing accessories."
MORE details at:


RickI 10-17-2012 05:37 AM

The GoPro3 camera lineup was launched in the early morning hours, east coast time. Here is some information on the three new camera systems being offered:
CLICK on image to link to GoPro for more details and pre-ordering

The following video was shot entirely with the new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera. It includes alpine sequences including Base jumping, surfing, free diving, MTB, MOTO, kayaking and aerobatic powered flight. The clip has some amazing imagery, the view inside the lip of a wave crest above the barrel shot by Kelly Slater, monofinning with a humpback whale in bluewater, insane whitewater kayaking footage plunging down waterfalls, hurtling off snow cornices into deep, steep drops and a good deal more. Check it out once youtube can handle the hit volume! It was shot largely in New Zealand the the Pacific, perhaps to reduce the odds of secrets about the new camera system getting out prematurely. Well, its out now!

From GoPro HERO3: Black Edition - Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful, representing new technology.

The following appears with the new video on youtube:
"Shot 100% on the new HERO3® camera from ‪

The Wi-Fi enabled HERO3: Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro, ever. No expense was spared during its development, resulting in a GoPro that is 30% smaller, 25% lighter & 2X more powerful than previous models. New resolutions and frame-rates include 4Kp 15, 2.7kp 30, 1080p 60, 1440p 48, 960p 100, 720p 120 and 12MP burst photo capture at 30 fps. Yes, for real.

Sit back and enjoy the HERO3: Black Edition in all its glory. #GoPro"

FEATURED ATHLETES (in location & order of appearance)

SNOW: (Mt. Cook, New Zealand)

Tom Wallisch
Eric Willett
Julia Mancuso

SKI BASE JUMP: (Earnslaw Burn, New Zealand)

JT Holmes

SURF: (Tahiti, French Polynesia)

Kelly Slater
Anthony Walsh
Manoa Drollet"

"DIVE: (Vava'u, Tonga)

Mandy Rae Krack
Erin Magee
Ashleigh Baird

MTB: ( Queenstown, New Zealand and Squamish, BC, Canada)

Aaron Chase
Mike Montgomery
Kelly McGarry
Bret Tippy

KAYAK: (Turangi, Taupo, Aratiatia, Whangarei, and Maruia in New Zealand)

Ben Brown
Rush Sturges

MOTO: (San Francisco, CA)

James Rispoli
Josh Herrin
Jake Ellington

AEROBATIC PILOT: (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Chuck Berry


OVERWERK - "Daybreak"
(GoPro HERO3 Edit)

From the upcoming EP "After Hours"

Download the song FREE here: "

RickI 10-17-2012 07:02 AM

More cameras?! What's the big deal, I already have a GoPro camera.

Well ...

Here's the thing, if you would be happy kiting exclusively with say a 1998 8.5 m Wipika Classic or a 1999 Fone ATK ram foil kite, I agree. The thing is most of us like new technology like BOW or high depower C kites and all the major added capabilities they can bring.

I started using GoPro's over three years ago, with the WIDE, now four camera generations in the past. It was an amazing small, inexpensive camera that was rated to 130 ft., was out of focus underwater which became worse in low light and poor visibility particularly in still photography, ran out of power in about 45 minutes, took over a day to recharge the relatively expensive Nickel Metal Hydride AA cells, was WAY shifted into blue spectra, couldn't use larger than 2 to 4 G SD cards but had a remarkable fairly flat wide angle view. It could actually "see" further underwater than I could or other cameras. It took me until this year to figure out why too. The small size and "relative" image quality vs. price were fairly unique at the time. I didn't know when I called GoPro headquarters in California that they only had seven employees, it was a small startup on the brink of big things.

Here is an image of me in the Red Sea shooting a pod of dolphins with a GoPro WIDE camera in September 2009 and the video that came out of that dive. It is out of focus but still pretty interesting.

Dolphins of Sataya

Here's another one shot with the WIDE in the underwater labyrinth of Claudia Reef also in the Red Sea on the same trip in 2009. Interesting but limited low light capability and fuzzy.

Things have come very far in just three years. The lower light capability, numerous shooting modes, higher resolutions, adjustable white balance, corrected UW housing, WIFI and on and on of the new GoPro3 Black camera are light years ahead of the shooting limits of the now obsolete WIDE and in many important respects the far more recent HD2 camera.

So, use great new technology bringing substantial new capabilities or go with the more limited old gear, shooter's choice.


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