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RickI 09-04-2008 07:35 AM

Crandon Park Update - New Rules
This just in from Christophe of Miami Kiteboarding:


Originally Posted by miamikiteboarding (Post 36550)
To all Crandon riders,

As the new season approaches, we need to inform you of the new procedures we will implement to make riding at Crandon, Hassle-free, safer and mostly trouble-free for a long-lasting kite spot officially recognized by the authorities.


With Last year experience, we came to the following necessary improvements:

- The Sign-in will be simplified by attributing a PERSONAL STREAMER for the entire Season to each Crandon park registered rider.

- The creation of a CRANDON RIDER’S CLUB including a MEMBERSHIP FEE to allow better Signage, more interactivity through Events and Races monthly, more commitment to Self-regulating on our spot, and a WEBPAGE to keep in touch with the Miami kite life.

- SAFETY for bystanders & Riders could be dramatically improved by adjusting CORRIDOR BUOYES.

- NUMBER OF RIDERS ALLOWED ON WATER should BE INCREASED to allow all of us to ride in windy days and reduce waiting lines when signing-in the daily sheet.

Those are the main changes that will occur this year. Other than that, the rules are pretty much the same.


So in order to ride in Crandon Park, make sure you prepare the following requirements, effective now as Crandon Park officially re-open on weekends. (After Sept 1st):

To obtain your PERSONAL STREAMER LABELED with YOUR NAME, and be Updated on the 2008-2009 Crandon Riders database, you will need to bring on your FIRST DAY:

- UP-TO-DATE IKO INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE ( copy of purchase ) ($78.50/year)

Click on this link for applying or renewing: . Your Affiliation CODE to be entered is S-656 for Miami.

- IKO CARD LEVEL 3: Required to be shown on First day as a proof of COMPETENT rider.

- YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEE of $50 for participation to Crandon Rider Club. ( Help paying for : Signage, buyoes, People in charge of Check-in, Riders club Website, CLub t-shirt , administration of the club etc...)

- Then you will be asked to Sign the Acknowledgement of Crandon Park kitesurfing Rules with a current Phone and Email address to receive your PERSONAL STREAMER.

Riders Registration for 2008-09 season starts this week as Crandon re-opens 7 days. The Rider Database will be updated on a daily basis at the beach, upon showing all paperwork.

Please be ready to spend few minutes to complete your one-time registration for the year, at the MKB van or on the beach with our Administrator - Charlotte, on the first day you come and ride.

Part of creating a Crandon Rider Club will also includes: Kite races each month, Demo day, advanced Clinics , Teens kite Club, Downwinders on weekends, Kitesafaris to bahamas and FL keys...

Thanks to your cooperation we managed to keep this great spot safe and open and we will keep it that way.

AEsco48 09-05-2008 10:15 PM

I would love to read the opinions of others, especially some of the guys who work in the industry...

At the end of the day its $130 a year + $80 year park pass or $5 per day park pass to ride at a public beach... I think its sad....

RickI 09-19-2008 08:22 AM

More about Crandon Park and kiteboarding this year:


Originally Posted by miamikiteboarding (Post 36782)
TO KITESURF IN CRANDON PARK this 2008 2009 season:

and get a streamer to attach on the back of your kite.



$78 / Year valid worldwide - online at
or $10 / Day on the beach at MKB booth

$50 / Year on the beach at MKB Booth
or $10 / Day on the beach at MKB Booth

We allow a “Grace Period “ until October 1st 2008 to let all riders get their insurance Up-to-Date and Register to the Rider Club.
Pass this date we will start reinforcing the Streamer system.


- By riding in Crandon Park, Kitesurfers agree to comply with the Rules, Riding Boundaries, and Swim Zones at all time. (see RULES SIGNS )

- The Corridor will be strictly reserved to go In & Out the beach

Good News !
- We made the lifeguards back their new tower away from the shoreline for safety reasons.
- Lifeguards will allow 40 Riders on the water IF KITESURFERS CAN STAY OUT THE CHANNEL delimited by a line of Yellow buoys soon. Meaning no more jumps or tacks or transitions just by the Shoreline !
The result is in our hands: Sacrificing few bad habits will allow almost twice more of us riding each weekends.

- Park Rangers, Lifeguards on duty, BNC Staff, and Miamikiteboarding Team may ask any kitesurfer to leave the premises after repeated violations.

- Riders MUST SIGN-IN THE DAILY SHEET at MKB Booth before going out.
- Yearly Members receive a Yellow Streamer for the season.
- Temporary Riders will get a different color streamer for the day.
- 15 min Level Certification Test are available with MKB Instructors.

RickI 09-19-2008 08:34 AM

I agree, it is sad but you know who we have to blame? Not Miami Kiteboarding, it is us, many but not all of the kiters that have ridden there over the years. I know what I am speaking about having spent hundreds of hours trying to keep access open there for many years.

ALL we had to do was to follow some very simple rules, early on, then the list imposed by Park Management expanded. Still, it wasn't that hard BUT too few people could be bothered to look out for THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS. We were banned there four times despite all the meetings, with management, riders and more.

We wanted a full time minder as we couldn't help ourselves OR effectively protect our own interests. Full time minders cost, Miami Kiteboarding is a for profit business. The park wants insurance, which I truly hope will actually pay out in legitimate claims (note to IKO).

If we had EFFECTIVELY self-policed as a group and didn't dump responsibility for this on a very few responsible riders to be our full time, volunteer minders for years, we wouldn't be in this situation. Given the Park Managements mindset and all the irritating acts over many years by kiters we are lucky there is a full time paid minder (read "babysitter") there now. As without it, we would likely no longer be there.

It sucks but we asked for it, big time and for years.


Originally Posted by AEsco48 (Post 36580)
I would love to read the opinions of others, especially some of the guys who work in the industry...

At the end of the day its $130 a year + $80 year park pass or $5 per day park pass to ride at a public beach... I think its sad....

troubleshooter 09-20-2008 05:45 PM

I agree Rick. MKB has done a good job policing the area and keeping the spot open and safe for riders. If thats what it takes, we need to do it.

Maybe you could invite the MKB reps to come on line and talk a bit about what the fee will be used for. Open up a little Q&A to help.

I think one important step in this process is to develop a long term plan. What are the goals for the beach. Is there a long term plan? Dont just track a major kite accident. Track all issues and evaluate if things are improving. Im sure this will show that there are less and less of them every day. Keep stats. If we can demonstarte that things are improving and less "violations" are occurring, then you never know.

RickI 09-20-2008 06:25 PM

For a number of years having a paid beach attendant came to mind as a way to satisfy the demands of Park Management and help insure compliance with kiteboarders. There was never enough cash to contemplate doing this. MKB is doing it, hopefully with good effect as kiteboarders can be a tough lot to follow rules. Uneven enforcement can also undo such efforts. I'll send Christophe an email and ask him to join in the discussion. Good idea.

RickI 09-27-2010 02:03 PM

This just in from Christophe for 2010:


Originally Posted by miamikiteboarding (Post 46513)
Yes that was a great day, good to see all of us at once on the spot.
thanx Rick for being here and take those great shots. Video looks awesome, Genius idea :)

As a quick refresh up for the 2010/11 rules in Crandon , Same as always with few changes :


- New white streamer : shorter & tangle-free.
Note: Lifeguards has INSISTED for the streamer to be FLOWN up on the back of the kite, not on the Harness . They want to be able to identify members instantly
- Fee is $100 / year ; $50 / week ; $20 for the day unless special event
- 15% discount on our services for Members - T-shirt - Member ID card

We also brought up many NEW features at Crandon, already running :

- New kite center & store right on the beach ! Lessons; Rentals; Demo & Gear Sales; Downwiders on weekend; IKO Istructors training
- LIVE WEBCAM viewable online ( cam is on, and running this week online)
- Free WIFI and computer access -
- Air compressor -
- Showers & lockers - chairs & Umbrellas
- SUP and Kayaks
- FREE clinic for Members once a month: jumps, Racing, Safety, Equipment etc...
- 1 EVENT / month
- DOWNINDERS to the Keys on weekends

- 30 kiters max at a time
- Only advanced riders with L3 certification: check-in required
- use channel to ride out and remain 450 ft off the shoreline
- No instruction other than MKB certified coaches
- No riding north of channel when Kids in field trip
- Beach safety Marshall on duty

We will be running many more events.
stay tune on our Miamikiteboarding facebook page , or our calendar on the website.

enjoy the season,

troubleshooter 09-29-2010 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by RickI (Post 36813)
I'll send Christophe an email and ask him to join in the discussion. Good idea.

Does the $100 fee (up from $50) include insurance coverage for us now? The required IKO insurance listed on MKB has not been offered by IKO for idividual kiteboarders in almost a year.

Loquito 10-13-2010 12:48 PM

I 2nd that question.

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