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RickI 08-30-2004 06:38 AM

Fantasy Fest and Kiteboarding - Part II
Happy times in the street.
Yup, the airbrush artists come into their own and spray everything, well almost.
Still, there are lots of friendly folks around, they might even give you some plastic beads!
Jump time ...
Full size:
This guy just fell out of a Walkman, looks safe enough, right?
If you have a crabby 6 story skeleton back home you can bring him out for a walk and some brewski's.
Uh ... yeah.
Need helmets, no problem, we got helmets!
As long as were taling about helmets how about anti-lofting technique?
Lots of walking in Fantasy Fest
Quite a few pussy cats, more than a few latex ones.
If you're lucky you might even nail a Hogfish complete with articulated tonge!
Prepare to repel borders, like this lady..
Still seeing spots ...
and the odd kiteboarder.
Sponge Bob showing up all over.
Dozens of angels if not hundreds.
This lady has a talk show doesn't she?
Even the fish get happy.
Not much wind in the day, looking for something to do? No problem, you could take some horses swimming.
Tons of cruises to choose from. You could even practice cat juggling at Mallory Square shown on the shore.
There is a fair amount to explore walking over the island.
Great ice cream spot on Duval
Why not go diving?
Keep your eyes open, you don't want catch one of these guys in the face. I did once after a 120 ft. breathhold dive off Key Largo on the wreck of the Duane, OUCH!
Amorous file fish abound so be careful.
You could take a day flight to the Dry Tortugas.
Speaking of flying, you could go for a biplane tour.
Still a nice shredding session would go down very well.
Sun is setting and time to drive up the keys.
Full size:
Bye bye Fantasy Fest until next year, hey that's now! Hooking up a hotel can be tough this late but you might make an interesting trip out of it.

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firstcoastkite 10-29-2011 10:04 AM

fantasy fest
Hotel? Who needs a hotel? It's not like you are gonna sleep anyway!

Never made it down for Fantasy Fest but this time of year is great in Key West. Wind is solid after fronts, weather is not as hot, but the water is still plenty warm. Might have to head down sometime very soon!

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