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occidental tourist 02-27-2011 11:09 PM

delray or ... next week
I'm staying on the beach about 3 miles north of Del Ray from March 6th to 14th. The folks whose trailer i'm using say they see people kiting all the time right off the beach, but they think about kiteboarding the way kids think about babys, i.e. they're not really sure how they got there.

I checked out notes about launching at Delray which is the closest marked launch. I'll also inquire about the private beach where i'm staying as well, see if I can work that out with them.

Where do you head for flat water? Notice there is a kite/canopy event up in Sebastian the end of the week. might try to drive up. Anything else going on?

I've riden the keys and the west coast but never been to mainland SE so I'm hoping to catch up with folks who know the waters and lauches because it sounds like local knowledge can expand riding opportunities -- that's sure true where I come from up in RU -- and I'm looking to get the most riding in on the water and the most hops in while on shore so those are all good reasons to hook up with folks who are hooked up.(and glad to reciprocate for anybody heading to the NE this summer).

you can reply here or e-mail me if you are riding at riwiseuse at

Cheers and thanks,


RickI 02-28-2011 03:56 PM

It sounds like you are in Briny Breezes. I am not aware of restrictions on kiting off there. Just avoid swimmers, complaints areas with lifeguards in Boynton Beach and have fun. For flat water you could go to Sebastian or to Miami/Keys. The other areas are usually too narrow and/or with excessive wind shadow effects. Hope you have some nice wind for your visit. There is this unusual event in Sebastian during your stay: but aside from that nothing else comes to mind during that period nearby.

occidental tourist 03-07-2011 08:50 AM

on the ground - water next - miami and keys?
just got to Briny last night. sorry I didn't get back with yawl sooner but I had to work like a dog fixing boilers before I left Rhode Island and I was so beat i didn't even have the energy to get on here for the week after I sent that message.

Looks like Downwinders from Delray if anything today (Mon, the 7th) and tomorrow.

maybe Crandon on Wednesday morning.

We don't have any organization or retail or instruction structure in RI, so what do I do to meet the requirements for certification? Been riding since 2002, rode with the guys at Anne's beach a couple years back and off Big Pine Key and downwind for 20 miles. But i don't have any card that says so?

I get that this structure is about preserving access so want to try to do the right thing here, but don't want to get there and not be able to ride. Did I read that ASM has the concession there? I know a couple of those guys in marketing, probably they aren't out at the concession, but maybe they can get me hooked up if it is an ASM setup.

Might drop into the keys for Friday which looks like a wind day. It is showing way more north on Friday. Never figured any north wind, i.e. gulf side spots in the keys, anywhere to launch on the inside of Largo or Islamorada? I'm probably not going too far down, but guess I could go as far as curry-hammock. Maybe I'm reading too much into the non-kiter oriented weather reports and the wind will actually bend east after it drops of the end of the peninsula.

What sticky is best for tracking what folks are up to HOWZAWIND?


RickI 03-07-2011 09:18 AM

The main thing to know to avoid problems in this part of Florida is to stay more than 100 yards off lifeguarded beaches. This also includes being onshore with a kite flying. There are a couple small guarded beaches just north of you and a large one along Delray.

There are only two areas in Florida, currently, that require certification, Matheson and Crandon in Miami. To my knowledge certification isn't required to ride anywhere else in the state for now. If we work to avoid problems it may stay that way, if not more may join in. You can take an inexpensive, short written exam at Matheson in lieu of providing a certification.

North isn't a great direction for shoreside launch in the much of the Keys. Usually land is in the way making the wind uneven, stalling kites, etc.. Folks may take boats out to the flats or sandbars to help clean things up down there. If you like open ocean riding with waves, north works out well in Jupiter and points north. I typically use the marine forecast at the following link. It isn't right all the time, far from it, but seems to be less in error for this area than some other resources. Forecasts improve in reliability, such as it is within about three days. Beyond that is may happen, or not! You might check in to see if folks post where they are going to be.

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