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<jason 01-22-2008 05:24 PM

Got my new 08 13m waroo in the mail today... :)
for anyone who has one ... Do u have a rear line knot recomendation....?
This is my first sle so the bridle looks confusing... well not really but sure is different from my ckites.. Cant wait to put it up...

Skyway Scott 01-22-2008 07:23 PM

I would try the second knot in from the furthest knot out for the rear line attachment, to start.
That is probably going to be a tad underpowered. If it is, you can move it one knot closer to the kite.

Don't put the rear line attachment on the knot closest to the kite to start. It's most likely to powered up in that position and might stall or be difficult to depower fully with the strap. It's possible the front lines might stretch out a bit over time, and you might have to move the rear line attachment further from the kite to compensate.

I am assuming you have the waroo bar.

Also, to be safe, try to tune it in sub 15 for the first launch, or bare minimum, tell your launcher to be ready to catch it instantly if you need to put it back down. Odds are very low something will go wrong out of the bag, but better safe than sorry. I really like to tune a kite in very light winds, one reason being you can define the tuning point of just past full power when the kite starts to fly backwards. The kite is going to do that in light wind and make it easier to determine that point of "too powered up" to the point of back stall.

This manual is pretty good.

Tom Stock 01-22-2008 07:29 PM

Start with the third or fourth knot from the top. I would recommend the 4th knot from the top to start. If you feel like it's not fully powering up, go up one knot. If your lines are stretched out, go down another knot or two.

If you find it keeps backstalling on you even with the depower strap pulled in half way, go down a knot until it stops back stalling.

Congrats on the 08 waroo! That's an awesome kite. The 06 and 07 waroos were friendly and easy launching but not a freestyle kite by any means... the 08 is NOT THE SAME KITE. It's more of a hybrid/C and it's pretty awesome.

I did not plan to buy another waroo this year ... until I rode the 08.

BTW, make sure the front bridles are not twisted when you connect the lines...

Skyway Scott 01-22-2008 07:35 PM

I just read the manual and Tom's description.

Both the manual and Tom used the same words, but I think they have opposite meaning for Tom and the manual. :(
Tom, can you use a reference point (further from kite, closer) thanks. :)
Up, down, top, bottom... compared to what?
I think I know what you mean, but ......
Sorry, I am pretty picky. Top and up might mean toward the kite for some, away for others.

Skyway Scott 01-22-2008 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by Tom Stock (Post 28214)
BTW, make sure the front bridles are not twisted when you connect the lines...

Heck, make sure they are attached, at all.
Maybe Bob can tell the story of my first day rigging it.... unreal. :roll:
"Why won't it steer?!.... Why won't it steer!!? "

DanB 01-22-2008 09:05 PM

08 13 meeter set-up

That is one great kite- I rode Byran's for several hours on last sat.

This is what I did:

07 stock waroo bar w/27 meter best lines

Third knot in from end of rear control line (same as I ride for 06 waroos)

Worked great and pretty well tuned for me.

As Tom said, do make sure the front pulleys are free and not twisted.

<jason 01-22-2008 09:40 PM

Hey guys thanks for all the tips..
Yea scott i have the best bar just took it out of the package.. :)
Made sure all the lines were the same length and they were rigged right and all..
So if its too powered it will back stall.? but i can use the depower strap as a trim kinda..?

Man i hope theirs wind this weekend... Pretty stoked about this kite...!

Anyway its black and white (looks slick btw) so if you see it come and say whats up...
Ill pray for wind if u do...later. Jason

Skyway Scott 01-22-2008 10:25 PM

Yes, definitely use the strap to fine tune the power. The setting on the kite just sets you in the proper ball park.

The kite won't backstall or fall out when you are flying in reasonable wind and moving forward on your board, unless it's tuned really really poorly. The thing is though, there is a point where going beyond "powered up" becomes just drag and starts to actually take away your kite's power. So tuning it right helps you ride more powered and jump higher. :)

It'll become obvious to you pretty quick, I bet.

Yeah, Dr. Bruce has the b and w. It looks awesome in the sky. Never thought b and w would look good, (sounds boring) but it's quite striking, actually.

Tom Stock 01-22-2008 10:36 PM

When I said up and down, I meant closer and further from the kite...

Anyway, yes, just put the rear lines in the middle of the knot settings... (3rd or 4th knot from kite) and if you pull the bar all the way in and hold it with kite overhead, the kite will slide backwards a little... if it continues and starts to fold and fall then you have too much back line tension... pull the depower strap until it slides back slightly in the window and stops.

If you find you have more than half your depower strap pulled to achieve this, then you need to go down a knot (further from kite) on the back bridle and try again. Once you find a knot setting you like, MARK IT WITH A SHARPIE MARKER so you don't forget and ruin your next session.

I have my kite set so that I can just SLIGHTLY back stall it if I hold the bar all the way in ... this will achieve the highest jumps (hooked in) when you are really lit because you can slightly over power the kite at takeoff for that extra POW.

For unhooking make sure you pull the depower strap so it doesn't back stall on you when you unhook. I pull mine about half way for unhooking.


bayflite 01-23-2008 06:07 AM

alot depends on your weight and where you like the bar. some like the bar closer to them while others like the bar further away.
like tom said, the chicken loop does most of the tuning.
if you want the bar closer to you, depower the kite by pulling in on the trim strap. if you want the bar further away, power up the kite by letting out the trim strap.

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