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Glenn 10-05-2009 11:53 PM

I just don't get why lessons are so expensive. All I hear is how important lessons are, but jeeze I can't think of any other sport or activity which costs more to learn.

Maybe I've just been looking at the wrong sites. Can anyone steer me towards an affordable place to get decent lessons in the South Eastern US?


greg meintjes 10-06-2009 06:03 AM

What is your idea of affordable, 100, 200, 400 or 500 dollars, I do not know what prices you have been quoted, My lessons are a total of about 10 hours over two to three days depending on conditions etc , they are done off a boat in the shallow water off of Key West, my prices are 450 dollars for the complete lesson and then the student can take additional course if they feel they need them. After you take into account insurance, equipment , and boat costs, plus the time spent teaching, I do not think it is to expensive.

Whatever your budget is, I hope you get to do lessons as they will definately benefit you if you want to learn to kite.


conchxpress 10-06-2009 10:33 AM

Lessons - Comparative Pricing
Greg gives you 10 hours for 450. Simple math $45./hour.

SUP basic lessons: $99. /1.5 hours = $66/hr
Surfing lessons: $65./hour

Now which discipline do you think requires the most support equipment. And which do you think is the one, which without lessons can get you into the most trouble? You guessed it kiteboarding.

Bottom line: Don't be a cheapskate about your safety, no matter how good an athlete you think you are.

RickI 10-06-2009 11:30 AM

There are lots of action sports in line with and more costly than kitesurfing. That isn't the point, far from it. Do you have a medical insurance deductible, if so, how much is it? How does that compare to the cost of kiting instruction? Add in possible lost time from work, fun (like kiting and other activities), cost of PT, medication ... etc..

Destroying or seriously damaging costly kite gear is also fairly easy to do if you aren't sufficient skilled to be using it.

Accidents happen, quality pro instruction reduces the odds of such accidents. Worry less about cost and more about finding the best instruction you can. It is worth it speaking from hard personal experience.

jetpack 10-06-2009 07:05 PM

Kite - $1200
Harness - $110
Board - $500

Proper Instruction - PRICELESS

Sure the instruction $$ stung a bit. While taking lessons it was immediate
seeing how the lack of instruction could lead to some very serious consequences.

I took SCUBA lessons in 97' - Roughly half the price. Probably the same
cost as KS instruction today for PADI certification.

In 2000 I was into Hang gliding. Foot and tow launch. Cost about $1200
to solo. Then I had to go buy my own gear. About $4000.

Wanna fly a plane? That will run you about $3,000 just to solo, $8,000 for
private pilot license. Rental cost and rental insurance will run about $120/hr.

I know of no other water activity in the same vein as Kitesurfing, that has
the cheapest per/hour costs anywhere! Not to spend the energy, time,
effort and money towards quality instruction says a lot about a persons
mindset when it comes to theirs & others safety.

The instructors that do this aren't retiring anytime soon, they aren't driving
around in porches and they certainly have full time jobs. The good ones do
this cause love it and they know how important it is.

Proper instruction is VERY important to peoples personal safety and for the
image of kitesurfing itself. Glenn I don't know you, but let's assume you
have a teenager wanting to try SCUBA, SAILING, HANG GLIDING, ROCK
CLIMBING or some other "extreme" sport.

Wouldn't you want them to get the best and safest instruction possible
regardless of the cost? We should want the same things for ourselves.
Considering the possible outcome without good instruction, it's too risky

No one would say that getting instruction is a garauntee for a complete safe
kiting career, but without it, someone stands a good chance of VERY serious
injury. These aren't kid kites. These are BIG ADULT kites that can hurt
if used improperly.

My brother-in-law now wants me to teach him just cause I can ride around
the water. I started in March. NO WAY. I gave him WSW number and told
him just cause I can ride a little doesn't mean I could teach.

Too much at stake not to pay up for quality lessons. Hell, if you do it for 10
years, the cost for lessons is about .12 cents a day.

Sorry for the long rant on this. It's the future daddy in me. Too much at
stake not to pay up for qaulity lessons. I figure


Steve-O 10-06-2009 10:09 PM

Hey Glenn,

One way to keep your lesson cost down is to bring some skills to the table before you start paying the big bucks on hourly lessons.

Do you have great kite skills and a solid understanding of how wind works with a kite? Solve that problem by spending a ton of time flying and mastering a trainer kite. These are inexpensive and can save you in the end by requiring you to take less instruction.

Can you ride a wakeboard? Go to a cable park and get some board skills. It is very inexpensive to get hours of experience using a cable system and getting your board skills up to speed. Not to mention the staff that work these parks are more than willing to give you advice for free.

Walk into a lesson with good kite skills and good board skills and you should be up and riding in less time than you think and spending less $$$

Walk in with no experience, and the time it will take will be much longer and ultimately more expensive for you.

Don't forget to train the brain, the most important asset in kiteboarding. Making smart decisions takes knowledge, so a good ground school going over the theory and fundamentals is a must.

A good question you have asked, but I pass it back to you.

What are you going to bring to the table???? Or is someone going to have to hold your hand every step of the way.

Good luck!

noel 10-07-2009 08:07 AM

I have to agree with everything said above. Especially what Steve-o is saying. I have been teaching for 10 years and my biggest pet peeve would be people telling me that they have been wanting to take lessons for over a year but someone told them that buying a trainer kite was a waste of money. Now your just gonna waste more money learning to fly a kite with power through the school. It's all about feel. A trainer kite teaches you on your own time about the wind window and how and when the kite produces power.

Most students with trainer kite skills and wakeboarding skills progress ten fold compared to someone without these skills.

oTHErside Boardsports

troubleshooter 10-11-2009 02:37 AM


Im sorry dude but you need to face the facts before you post this non-sense.

Are you just ticked because lessons are more than your budget allows or are you actually finding based on research that prices in a certain region are unfair.

SE US is a big place. Are you willing to travel 10 hours in any direction to learn or do you want a specific area?

Lets take some S Florida examples (and tehre are many more). Have you visited the sites of The Kite House (Key West), Seven (Middle Keys), Otherside (Middle Keys) , Above and Below (Lower Keys), Miami Kiteboarding (Miami), The Kite Shop (Miami), Jupiter Kitebarding (Jupiter) and many others that are Googled very easily. There lesson prices are posted. Call each of them and discuss packages and compare.

Your question should be what do you get for the price. You usually pay more if a boat or ski is involved. BUT, dont pay more just becuase they take you for a boat ride to a spot. Pay more if that boat stays running and will pick you up and drag you back up wind everytime or get your board for you.

Kitesurfing lessons are expensive but do some research and ask questions after. You will benefit so much more.

But one thing for sure. You need lessons. If not for you, for me.

noel 10-11-2009 01:22 PM

I agree with most of what TS says except for the part about paying for a boat that stays running and gets you back upwind. Especially if you want to try to get the minimum amount of lessons before going on your own. You need to learn on the first lesson how to bodydrag back to your board and how to walk backwards, upwind with your kite and board if in shallow water and how to self-rescue in deep and shallow water. If the school does not teach safety, how to set up the kite on the beach before launching and self rescue when you are done, all in the first lesson, then find another school. Boat support is nice but new kiters don't use common sence all the time in the beginning. Teaching them how far they should go downwind before getting in trouble is always a problem. If a sandbar is 200 ft. long and then it's over your head, common sence says to stop within 200 ft. and walk back upwind. Boats don't pick you up everytime you get too far downwind. Most newbies are haveing so much fun the first time up and riding that they don't think about the fact that the water just got deeper until their in over their heads.

bigpimp'n 10-11-2009 10:23 PM

Glenn, check your mail box, I sent u a PM.

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