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damion_dark 06-27-2010 06:22 PM

Miami Flats
Is it possible to get to the Miami Flats by walking or swimming through the water or do you need a boat to get there? I don't own a boat but I do have a canoe. I'm not to clear on how the area is laid out there but from what I understand is that its directly south of the southern tip of key biscayne; specifically Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. Is it possible to get there by canoe? It doesn't seem that far away, almost like you could swim there. I looked on google maps and its like 3,000-4,000 feet away from the shoreline. Like I figure once your out there you can basically stand up in water that is like knee high. This seems like a safe area to practice kitesurfing where there are not many people around. Is it also shallow enough to bring a lawnchair and sit in the water to sunbathe? Also someone told me that there was a massive sewage spill in key biscayne and now the water is contaminated permenantly? Is this true?

RickI 06-28-2010 10:33 AM

You need a boat, it can be more complicated than it looks. You can stand in lots of areas but not all. There can be adverse currents, offshore or onshore for that matter particularly near the cuts. If your kite is down and you can't stand up, out you might go. Some nice tiger sharks have been seen over the years off that flats in that area too. Best advice go out there a few times with a good sea taxi operation, ask a lot of questions, observe things closely, then decide whether to try the canoe approach.

The release was in North Miami, seems to be repaired.

damion_dark 06-29-2010 12:24 PM

Yeah I know, I was reading about the finger channels there and how the Atlantic and Key Biscayne interchange water flow through different tides. They said the current very strong in those channels. Yeah, thats why I'd like to go when the current is coming into key biscayne. I'm going out there with a friend in the canoe just to check the place out. If I'm comfortable with what I see I will make a determination at a later time. Ugh, I don't like tiger sharks. I need to get a bow kite also. I'm tired of my SS Fuel dropping out of the air in light wind. Bow kites seems like they are easier to depower. If its not the oil spill in the gulf its something else. At least they capped the sewage in miami. Nobody even told me and I was in the waters of key biscayne. Hopefully its dispersed and not a problem at this point anymore.

RickI 07-02-2010 04:22 PM

If you get flushed into Biscayne Bay, it may not make much difference as you are still miles from shore. If a boat sees you and picks you up, that may be some of your problems sorted out.

You asked for advice, were I you, I would take it seriously. Don't cheap out, take a few sea taxi rides out there, see how things are done and ask questions. Then decide. I assume you've already done plenty of boat kite launches and have no problems from that quarter. If not, there is more to it than may seem on the surface. btw, if you drift off the sand bar or into deeper water, you may largely be in the same situation as if you were in a cut.

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