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RickI 02-02-2010 02:06 PM

Photos - Day II Jupiter Kiteboard Invasion
Heading back to the beach on Sunday. A new front arrived in the night, winds clocked from SW to N in less than 12 hours. Best part, these side onshore winds are BUILDING!
Flying into the day, Danny Albertson throws a nice jump.
Free riding, Click photo for full sized image

* If folks can provide missing identities please let me know.
Billy Parker flying for Flexifoil warms up
Lots of spectators
Packet leaves his Jimmy Lewis boards on the beach to throw some kite loops
Lots of directionals at the contest. Seems like it has been a while since I've seen them airborne. Used to be very familiar back in the day.
Big Ian booted in as usual tacks in
Brandon Bowe pops one in the foreground as Jon Modica riding for Cabrinha tries an aerial move, strapless.
Dan Floyd down from South Carolina and having fun.
Brandon Scheid on a wave
Billy stays focused
Brandon pops one
Brandon Bowe throws a kite loop against a gray sky.

Sunday was more overcast and darker than Saturday. So, the images needed a lot more touching up in Photoshop and it shows. How about wind and sun next time? Has happened a lot over the years of the event, just not always.
Multiple flying objects, Erik Merrill floats board off above it all.
There's Billy with Southwind
Did I mention it was a bit chilly? This dog has the good sense to cover up with a little help.
Bill Werme hard at his art, capturing some excellent stills of the action
Riding strapless
Sean is a very strong rider has his competitive record shows.
Jumping without footstraps, what keeps rider and board together? Inertia and a fair amount of skill.
Takes me back
Packet models the latest in rider cold wear, the JL snug-e. Wonder if you can kite in it?
Rushing back upwind
Enrique and his son Jan talk strategy. Enrique runs the famous kiteboarding competition between Naples and Ft. Myers, FL.
Melissa works back upwind too
Sometimes, it just goes like that.
Tommy upside down again, looks like he has Dan's attention.

See you later. Should be at least another installment of photos from the event.

RickI 02-03-2010 08:20 AM

You can log into this site, using your Facebook info.

Also, most of this photos are on Facebook to be tagged at:

RickI 02-11-2010 11:15 AM

Here are some more random photos.
Melting into an explosion of foam
Jon pops one and comes about
Everybody up
Jon throws a nice jump, strapless
Just a piece of plywood, looking good!
Amazing what you can do on a skimboard
Lots of boots at the comp
Dimitri throws a nice one
Billy checks out Jon throwing one

Still have a lot of photos I haven't really looked at or processed yet from Day II, stay tuned ...

RickI 02-15-2010 02:01 PM

... and some more from Day II, still have quite a few to go through.
There goes Jeremy Lund in the Big Air Contest. Not sure if this is the start of his winning jump or not. Could be.
Billy throwing moves in typical excellent, powered form
Dimitri splits the difference
Jamie concentrates as she comes in, getting ready to boost big.
She's up
Something up with gravity in the place?
Nice boost by Dimitri
Lots of intriguing riding going on
Sean kiteloops

airpadre 03-16-2012 09:34 AM

Awesome Pictures! Looks like a windy event. Good mix of straps, strapless, surfboards, skimboards, boots, etc.

Air Padre Kiteboarding - 956-299-9463

RickI 03-16-2012 10:37 AM

Thank you! It is a good event, even better in strong winds and nice sized waves. It is a great wave venue.

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