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Originally Posted by budgy View Post
Great thread. The Aqueon is facinating. I was looking at the description in the patent and I was wondering can it be adjusted in use for forward and reverse direction.
As Cal the designer explained it to me, the mod involves placing eyescrews into the outer portions of the foils just behind the axle hole. You don't want to be so close as to cause damage to the wood between the screw and the hole for the axle. He said he would invert the foils and reattach the string passing through the tension spring. He would adjust the tension to suit at that point. He said it would work with the diver descending in a heads up attitude. This presents certain ergonomic considerations and possible benefits for deeper diving.

The tricky part comes in coverting back into the normal foils down configuration for the ascent. You don't want to spend too much time messing around with attachments, potentially dropping foils off the axle, etc. at depth.

I think some innovation of rapidly adjustable and secure attachments are in order to implement this mod for deeper free diving. I thought about having two attachment points with hooks for each of the two foils. That way the lengths are preset and attachment might be accomplished more rapidly. Doing something to secure the foils on the axle would be in order should this option be pursued for securities sake.

Have you picked one of these things up?
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