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Originally Posted by budgy View Post
I've been looking at the pictures trying to figure out how it goes together and what makes it work. How you get it to reverse seems so obvious now, I feel foolish I asked the question. I've never picked one up, I just read about it on the web this week. From what I've seen and read, I want to try one. I've asked Innerspace how much they cost with a view to buying one. Although after reading your post, I'd guess unless there's one or two in the back of their stores somewhere, theres not likely to be one for sale, so I expect if I want one I better figure out how to make one.

I was wondering how the foils were retained on the axle. I guess I know now.

Instead of damaging the wood, how about two fishing rod eyelets bound back to back, to the tubular shaft. For quick change forward/reverse I wondered if I could string the foils with light bungy cord and fasten it with a dog lead clip top-side eyelet/ forward. To change direction release and pass the bungy over the foil and fasten it base side for reverse. If it works, I'm not sure about the foil security. If I wasn't happy with my two hands, I might try using one of those cord clips most fleece jackets and outdoor clothing have and slide it up to the foils first.
There is quite a bit that is less than obvious in this device. It looks simple enough and in some ways it is then again there are some subtle aspects too. The guys at Innerspace may be able to help you out, hope so.

The foils are retained by light tension by the spring. Despite that you can come close to pulling them off if you set your mind to it. Accidentally during normal operation is a remote possibility in my experience though. If they tension vanishes as might be the case in setting the foils up for inverted operation some mod would be in order to stop the foils from sliding off the axle for safety's sake.

The approach you describe for inverting the foils could work. At one time I was thinking about running a pair of cords over both faces of the foil and knoting them in place with loops at each end. They would have to be seized or otherwise secured in place to avoid slipping off the end of the foil. I was planning again on using the hooks on the end of the tension line running through the spring. Lots of approaches just a matter of finding the most simplistic and reliable one. Hope you get an Aqueon.
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