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Originally Posted by Wind Bum View Post
Rick,your right.But everybody is done with this one person.He dosent care about OUR beach or any other place that he goes to.So we should start calling the cops on him ? Iam not a violent person but this is really pissing me off.Sorry for the aggro approach..Mike is really a nice guy wen not on the water
Wind Bum, The goal is to locate a concerned officer with the interest and good timing to catch riders doing things that they shouldn't. They may be in a position to intercede and at least speak with the rider and perhaps do more depending on circumstances. Several things might come out of such an interchange. First you are taking steps to establish that there is a group of concerned riders looking to authorities to assist in self-policing in hopefully rare cases when it doesn't seem to be all that effective. Second, the offending parties are put on formal notice. Thirdly, the offending parties now have identities in the system perhaps increasing the level of interest and response should future issues happen. A lot of it comes down to the offense, what is witnessed by the officer and how motivated he is to try to resolve things. That is why I was saying an officer involved in kiting might have a better perspective and desire to help things along in productive directions.
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