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Is it possible to get to the Miami Flats by walking or swimming through the water or do you need a boat to get there? I don't own a boat but I do have a canoe. I'm not to clear on how the area is laid out there but from what I understand is that its directly south of the southern tip of key biscayne; specifically Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. Is it possible to get there by canoe? It doesn't seem that far away, almost like you could swim there. I looked on google maps and its like 3,000-4,000 feet away from the shoreline. Like I figure once your out there you can basically stand up in water that is like knee high. This seems like a safe area to practice kitesurfing where there are not many people around. Is it also shallow enough to bring a lawnchair and sit in the water to sunbathe? Also someone told me that there was a massive sewage spill in key biscayne and now the water is contaminated permenantly? Is this true?
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