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Yeah I know, I was reading about the finger channels there and how the Atlantic and Key Biscayne interchange water flow through different tides. They said the current very strong in those channels. Yeah, thats why I'd like to go when the current is coming into key biscayne. I'm going out there with a friend in the canoe just to check the place out. If I'm comfortable with what I see I will make a determination at a later time. Ugh, I don't like tiger sharks. I need to get a bow kite also. I'm tired of my SS Fuel dropping out of the air in light wind. Bow kites seems like they are easier to depower. If its not the oil spill in the gulf its something else. At least they capped the sewage in miami. Nobody even told me and I was in the waters of key biscayne. Hopefully its dispersed and not a problem at this point anymore.
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