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Some kiters use flimsy, non-redundant and not particularly stable kitesurfing gear over land for gliding, ridge soaring, even thermalling. This is a bad idea for many reasons, a key one among them is the lack of proper training that comes with USPGA paragliding certification. These programs were developed decades back initially with the USHGA after too many flyers were getting killed and maimed.

Canopy flyers should train to be certified as paragliders before flying over land and then use that gear for it. It is purpose built, developed over decades and lots of injuries into the form it exists in today. Take something as simple as the universal release which has existed in paragliding and jumping for a very long time. Are we even close to a universal QR in kiting yet? You are right about the ability to break a few shroud lines before getting into serious trouble with a paragliding canopy. One should do you in very nicely with our flimsy, non-redundant kiting gear. If you need a hammer, use a hammer and don't bother trying to use a wine bottle. It might break and you could get badly cut.

Folks that have had hang gliding or paragliding training know just how indepth things go in terms of the knowledge base, practical skill development and safety procedures, flight planning and the like. I just found this course content list for a Novice Paraglider Course from

Ground School
Primary Training
First Flights
Takeoff & Landing
Level Ground Training
Slope Training
Directional Control
Airspeed Awareness
Hang Checks
Flight Safety
Site Protocol
Air Traffic
Weather Conditions

If you screw up any one of the important areas you could get hurt or even killed. How do kitesurfers learn this critical information using gear intended for water use over land? At best, they probably end up with a lot of holes in their understanding and skill base. This information has been lying around in flying schools for a long time built on other folks injuries, who would volunteer to repeat past mistakes like that which we have already learned from?
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