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Skyway Scott
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The tide is going to be RIPPING out Sat and Sunday afternoon at Matanzas due to the full moon.

Basically, if it is blowing 15 it will "feel like" 20 due to the very strong opposing current and if blowing 20, well....... 8)

Wednesday was epic because of this. 15 to 20 plus with very strong current. Donna said it was the best session she's had in 2 years.
Every session on the water is good to me, but that one was definitely sweet.

Going upwind is as simple as falling in with the current. But, your board can get away from you pretty quick for the same reason.

Knowing how to water relaunch (quickly) and then bodydrag upwind is a big bonus as a newer rider.

Hugenot might be better suited for newer riders. They have the "pond" there.

If you show up here (St. Augustine), call the shop for detailed directions and tips on where to park (on the beach, North side of the inlet)
904 461 9415.

I will be out there on Sunday (red Toyota Tundra, 11m Ozone Instinct).
I think 20 guys/gals will be there tomorrow.
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