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Default Delray!

Went out earlier in delray. Wind shifted from NNW to NNE by 1pm. Perfect for riding the swell south down the beach. was blowing around 18 knots, then jumped up to about 25, then died off. Kinda punchy, but good practice for this noob. My 13m wasn't enough at first, then around 2 I was well overpowered. dropped it to the 1st knot, and was good for the rest of the day... 3pm at least. I work nights, so I bail early. I'm normally 1st in, 1st out... reminds me of my accounting class... FIFO. One thing that sucks is that I kept outrunning my kite on the waves. Had a front line wrap around my bar because of it. Thank god I had a buddy to grab the kite. it was sitting on the edge ready to launch bobbing up and down.

So where are the the south florida riders? I'm jealous of all the sessions I hear from St Pete and Tampa area:wink: . I have a buddy that lives there and might have to take a road trip soon.

I'm sore as hell today, and I'm off to class



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