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I agree, it is sad but you know who we have to blame? Not Miami Kiteboarding, it is us, many but not all of the kiters that have ridden there over the years. I know what I am speaking about having spent hundreds of hours trying to keep access open there for many years.

ALL we had to do was to follow some very simple rules, early on, then the list imposed by Park Management expanded. Still, it wasn't that hard BUT too few people could be bothered to look out for THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS. We were banned there four times despite all the meetings, with management, riders and more.

We wanted a full time minder as we couldn't help ourselves OR effectively protect our own interests. Full time minders cost, Miami Kiteboarding is a for profit business. The park wants insurance, which I truly hope will actually pay out in legitimate claims (note to IKO).

If we had EFFECTIVELY self-policed as a group and didn't dump responsibility for this on a very few responsible riders to be our full time, volunteer minders for years, we wouldn't be in this situation. Given the Park Managements mindset and all the irritating acts over many years by kiters we are lucky there is a full time paid minder (read "babysitter") there now. As without it, we would likely no longer be there.

It sucks but we asked for it, big time and for years.

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I would love to read the opinions of others, especially some of the guys who work in the industry...

At the end of the day its $130 a year + $80 year park pass or $5 per day park pass to ride at a public beach... I think its sad....
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