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Originally Posted by OttoNP View Post
May be able to be in the Duck Key area late Febuary, how is the wind this time of year - what size kites? I have a friend that may want to come as well, but he is not very experienced. He has done a few lessons, would progress much faster if there was some waist deep water area to practice (like hattera's soundside)...anything like that in this area?

Thanks All!
February is still a good wind month for frontal winds. The size kite is dictated by the strength of the front or wind gradient. I would bring a complete quiver for 10 kts. to 30 kts.+, expecting something on the order of 15 to 20 kts.. Of course the wind turns off between fronts so there may be unrideable days too. With a boat there are a lot of good options off Hawkscay/Duck Key. Without a boat, not sure how easy it will be to set up. Might be better off driving down to Bahia Honda SP. Paul Menta might have some input on non-boat launches, if any, off Duck Key.
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