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jeez guys did you read my post..."He has done a few lessons, would progress much faster if there was some waist deep water area to practice (like hattera's soundside)...anything like that in this area?"

I am experienced and he has done several lessons and purchased gear. He can ride and is at the stage where he can upwind no problem in higher winds, but struggles more when it is lighter (others can still ride upwind), still falls when just riding and has to body drag for board, etc... He took some of his lessons in Hatteras in the sound and more lessons up here in MI, in both cases mostly in waist deep water. I would consider him right at the start of being self sufficient, he has all the knowledge just needs the practice. We have down some downwinders together here in MI in deep water and I can see he learns a lot more in shallow flat water as most do. Powerlines and other downwind obstacles are probably enough for us to move away from Duck Key if he is riding, but I may ride there as well. My gear spans about 13 mph to 30 mph while he only has gear for 15-20 mph...

I think he would be fine in the ocean with waves, just that he would spend a lot more time fighting the surf, fighting to get his board on, and body dragging then if we can find a shallower flat water spot.
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