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This just in from Christophe for 2010:

Originally Posted by miamikiteboarding View Post
Yes that was a great day, good to see all of us at once on the spot.
thanx Rick for being here and take those great shots. Video looks awesome, Genius idea

As a quick refresh up for the 2010/11 rules in Crandon , Same as always with few changes :


- New white streamer : shorter & tangle-free.
Note: Lifeguards has INSISTED for the streamer to be FLOWN up on the back of the kite, not on the Harness . They want to be able to identify members instantly
- Fee is $100 / year ; $50 / week ; $20 for the day unless special event
- 15% discount on our services for Members - T-shirt - Member ID card

We also brought up many NEW features at Crandon, already running :

- New kite center & store right on the beach ! Lessons; Rentals; Demo & Gear Sales; Downwiders on weekend; IKO Istructors training
- LIVE WEBCAM viewable online ( cam is on, and running this week online)
- Free WIFI and computer access -
- Air compressor -
- Showers & lockers - chairs & Umbrellas
- SUP and Kayaks
- FREE clinic for Members once a month: jumps, Racing, Safety, Equipment etc...
- 1 EVENT / month
- DOWNINDERS to the Keys on weekends

- 30 kiters max at a time
- Only advanced riders with L3 certification: check-in required
- use channel to ride out and remain 450 ft off the shoreline
- No instruction other than MKB certified coaches
- No riding north of channel when Kids in field trip
- Beach safety Marshall on duty

We will be running many more events.
stay tune on our Miamikiteboarding facebook page , or our calendar on the website.

enjoy the season,
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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