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If things go right, getting more riders out into the Miami Flats would solve a lot of problems. The more that go out there, the lower the sea taxi rates should go and the more kiters that will want to follow the crowd and go there as well. People seem to want to go where other kiters are located even if this causes problems. This should result in less crowding at Matheson and ideally help maintain access to the launches remaining in Miami-Dade. There has been 50 even up to 80 riders going to Tigertail in Marco at times. It just isn't big enough to handle that kind of loading much less guys riding further south inside the bar than allowed. Even Naples has reported problems with guys rigging up outside of normal areas. Their beach is narrow and frequently crowded with tourists. Given the density of affluent beach residents it wouldn't take too many problems to get us booted out of there. The solution is not to continue to send people to the SW coast. Build a following to better conditions right offshore and skip the 2 to 3 hour drive. That was the unspoken point of that post. It has shown up in plenty of other posts over the years however.

Throwing more kiters at congested conflicted launches isn't going to solve problems. No one is going to regulate access either short of banning, unless more "Crandon-like" operations show up which isn't particularly likely or desirable unless other efforts fail. The Flats provide a unique option and right off the most populous resident and tourist area in this part of the state. We should use it.
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