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I received the following comparison between the Crossbow and Switchblade prepared by Jon Modica. Jon is a team rider for Cabrinha. What other experiences have riders had out there with the various bow/flat kites?


The first noticeable difference between the two would be the quicker turning speed of the Crossbow and the additional grunt to the switchblade. The Switchblade turns much more similar to a C or traditional shaped kite. The aspect ratio is a bit lower than that of the crossbow as well. The switchblade has a definite advantage to unhooking than the Crossbow not only because it sits it the window with much more stable pull but since the Switchblade has more drag; handlepasses feel much more like doing it on a traditional Kite.

The bigger sizes of the crossbow in my opinion will have an advantage in wave riding due to its superior turning speed. The kite has an uncanny ability to pivot on its own axis without stalling the sail. This is similar to the switchblade but to a much smaller extent.

Hangtime goes to the crossbow hands down but the switchblade jumps a good bit higher than that of last years kites. Kite loops with the crossbow feel a lot different than any other kite. The Switchblade loops more like a traditional kite as well. The crossbow has just a bit more depower than the switchblade. I wouldn't say either kite is safer just because I couldn't even imagine a kite being safer then either one. The low end of the switchblade is only significantly greater and last but not least the reduced bar pressure of the switchblade is slightly noticeable.

My personal choice is the SWITCHBLADE due to its great stability and ease of unhooking without losing the great features the flat bow kites have to offer.

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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