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Default demo results

As expected it was a small turnout. Very light wind. Barely a white cap, even with the choppy waters.

Core was the only kite on the water at 87th.

Rider feedback:"it's very fast!"

We decided to explore Miami...headed down to 29th for the late day session. There were kites on the beach packing up and a few flying on the shoreline, but none on the water. At least until we pumped up.

Again, Core kites on the water having fun. 19m (yep 19) After a while the wind did pick up to the mid teens for a great end of a long day.

And, the other kites had a chance to get on the water too!

Rider feedback:"feels like a much smaller kite"

We then headed down to the keys to test the flats.

Keys had a little more wind, so we rode the new GTS2 "C" kite.

It was our first time testing and couldn't be happier. If you like a fast kite.

Try one for yourself...
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