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I ran into Brad at Surf Expo on Saturday. We talked about the changes the property owner is imposing IF kiting is to continue there. We're talking about some pretty serious monthly payments totaling $12,000.00 per year AND insurance requirements. Sevensports has committed to making these payments and having insurance. So, there are real costs and no one is going away fat and happy pocketing a profit. In all likelihood it will be a loss, hopefully not a huge one for Sevensports or for the prospects in the coming years for riders who like to kite here.

So that is why the increase. Beyond that, we need to avoid complaints with traffic in the boat channels and with the Chesapeake Lodge next door. It is fairly easy to avoid complaints, IF we try. The owners of Whale Harbor don't want grief from either the boat captains or their neighbors, so cooperation and help from riders to enforce a few basic rules is needed. Brad will be posting more details here soon.
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