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I agree, keeping our heads is in order and moving for best effect. Idyl threats may make for interesting reading but effective action will do more in the long run. If the authorities need to get involved in a productive way, try to bring them in on an informed basis to try to avoid undesirable consequences for kiters in general. btw, we're heading in the later direction already so see if you can search out some sympathetic officials.

There used to be several guys contributing to problems like this in Pompano, not sure how many still have problem kiting behavior. I understand discussions have been had with all of them, some have improved while others may not have. There may be some grudges in play contributing to misinformation and confusion at times. We don't have time or much remaining tolerance from the authorities to continue with this crap.

Neil has done a lot for the sport, organizing and participating more events than I can immediately recall over about 8 years. Most with little to no cash involved other than what he paid to be there. He was also present at recent meetings with officials in Pompano to try to reopen access there. Several of us were there. It was the right thing to do and it warrants respect in my view. He offered to do one of the very few things he can do. It would be good to hear from other manufacturers who may have current sponsored problem kiters as to what they plan to do about this sort of situation. There has been some confusion about who did what at times. Not sure what the answer is there other than perhaps cutting through the bs with a low to no tolerance policy for reports of problem kiting. That way sponsored kiters should take special pains to maintain things and avoid appearance of causing problems.

People causing the problems in Pompano and everywhere else for that matter need to stop, now. If they see the wisdom in this fine. If not, we need to get the authorities involved and/or other effective action. Peer pressure can be a powerful thing in self-policing access.
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