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Originally Posted by noel View Post
Your kidding right? There were more accidents at Whale Harbor this year than anywhere in the keys. Kites in the trees all the time, a girl lofted to the top of a tree after no body told her the kite was too big. An out of control kite from one of the instructors death looping and hitting a model in the resort next door. Riders hitting sliders that are parked on the beach so know one will hit them. Kiteloops 10 ft. off the beach. The best close call I remember was a pro kiter (no names) going under the WH bridge with the kite still in neutral, he unhooked and let go of the kite. He went under the bridge and his kite went over the bridge and under the powerlines. Do I need to go on.

If anyone models their beach off of WH, don't expect it to remain open for long. I love riding at Whale Harbor but it still has alot of problems. The locals there try to police the beach but the people in charge of the beach don't say anything to anyone even when asked to say something.

I couldn't help but laugh as this is such a classic "grass is greener on the other side" isn't it.

Sorry to hear such BS going on at Whale Harbor. Sunset is kiting nirvana compared to least so it sounds.
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