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Some recent information and a request.

Some aspects of the problem we're facing with this foreign exotic likely imported by some criminally negligent aquarists who released this plague upon our local ocean. NB - if you plan import or buy exotics;

1) DON'T

2) If you do bring a potential plague into our area NEVER release it to the wild.

Also, lionfish may have some problems developing from an unexpected quarter. If you see lionfish with skin issues like this, please inform the FWC as described below:

"FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
20 hrs ·

Ulcerated lionfish have been reported offshore in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the West Florida Shelf, the Florida Keys, the East Florida Shelf and throughout the Caribbean Sea.

FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Health biologists have been collaborating with the FWC lionfish group, University of Florida(UF) and Okaloosa County, Florida to obtain specimens and conduct necropsies to determine the cause of the disease.
Together with UF, we have evaluated the specimens for parasitic infection, bacterial, fungal and viral infection; however, a cause has not yet been identified.

If you find a lionfish with skin lesions, please let us know:
1. Location
2. The number of lionfish you noted with ulcers
3. A photograph of what you saw, if possible

Your reports are vital, FWC relies on public notification of fish disease and mortality events. There are three ways you can report fish disease, or a fish kill: through our FWC Reporter app, by phone: 800-636-0511, or online: ."
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