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The Pier House still has a small section of their beach that is topless.
The Atlantic Shores Resort was the main nude beach/resort until it was torn down to make room for some high price condos. Don't ask me why I know this, I was never there. JUst common knowledge. I don't know what the big attraction is, Never wanted to get my unit sunburned. And I certainly don't want to see 50 and 60ish women's naked bodies (well maybe Christie Brinkley), Maybe when I'm 90. There's a guy that kiteboards on Smathers who wears a speedo. I can cut him a little slack since he's from the "old country", but it still seems out of place. Maybe if he had a Michael Phelps body, but he's got the beer gut and the cottage cheese thing going. If the commissioners saw that maybe they'de take Smathers out of the running.

Seriously, there are a lot of people that hang out just to watch the guys kiteboarding. It attracts a lot of attention - good attention. Tourists with their cameras are all over the place. Sometimes they're so thick, it's hard to launch. The Japanese always want to pose with the kites on the beach. I think it's becoming one of Key West's attractions.

Maybe the Commission could specify that only 20's and 30's women could go nude. And outlaw speedos on men.
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