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I used that old thin liquid force waist harness you gave me Chris until I got lucky enough (and Eagle was gracious enough to pass up on it for his larger students so that I could have a nice harness - Thanks Bryan!!!) to get a great deal on a used pyro from a very nice guy out at East Beach one day. Chris, the difference was NIGHT AND DAY!!! The Pyro is super comfortable in my opinion and I realized in making my harness transition that comfort makes a HUGE difference in the speed at which you learn. I had been having trouble getting up right foot forward but after buying the Pyro and going out and trying right foot forward for the first time using it, I popped right up out of the water!!! Get a Pyro my friend, you won't be sorry...

Only downside is the way the spreader bar clips on...I wish it clipped on directly to hooks on the harness like I hear the Fusion does...
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