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I am sorry this has taken so long, but this has been quite a road for our family. I just wanted to follow up on all the talk about my sons accident. I am the mom of the kiteboarder that had this accident. I agree with all the talk about being smart when kiteboarding. My son had alot of things going against him that day. One of those things by itself would more than likely not have resulted in any type of accident but put them all together and it was a bad situation. The onshore wind, no beach, the gusts coming thru at that time etc. As far as pulling the emergency release, we have determined that when he was first being drug up the beach toward the condos there was so much pull on the kite, that even though he is a strong ahtletic kid he couldn't pull the release. We have also surmised based on the eyewitness accounts, that as soon as he hit the first set of pilings, he was knocked unconcious and then couldn't really help himself in any way.

There was talk of banning kiteboarding from the beach after this happened. I don't necessarily agree with that. I do think that no boarder should be allowed out there without a helmet though. I know that is really tough to regulate but I just think it should happen. If you had been through what we just went through you would agree with me.

I also highly recommend a wetsuit. Hopefully you will never need it but it certainly kept the skin on my sons body. The few places that it was completely shaved away from being drug on the pavement, so was his skin. It saved him from alot of pain in recovery.

I am grateful every day for all the friends and people who didn't even know my son that prayed for him. Without sounding like a preacher, I have no doubt that God answers prayers and did that day. However, this was an accident that happened as the result of a choice. Every one of us makes choices on a daily basis, it is how we were created. My son chose to go out that day and participate in what some people call an extreme sport. He chose to wear the equipment he wore, and to launch the kite and unfortunately for him and his family, he paid the price. His recovery has not been without alot of pain and struggle. He has worked extremely hard to get back in shape to play football this fall and to get his life back.

Just make sure that when you do launch that kite, you are aware of the potential dangers, regardless of how remote. Most people think it will never happen to them, but it could. Reduce the odds, be smart and kite safe.
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