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Niki on her record dive in the Bahamas

Niki Roderrick does a CNF (constant weight, no fins) training dive on the buoy about 8 miles off Ft. Lauderdale in the video clip below. Note when she enters into the sink phase, stops swimming and allows her negative buoyancy at that depth continue her descent expending less energy and air. She is preparing for the Mediterranean Freediving World Cup hosted in Kalamata, Greece. Niki recently set yet another New Zealand depth record in this discipline at 49 m in Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas. A record of 55 m was captured by Natalia Molchanova of Russia placing Niki at second place Worldwide! Niki is with

The World Cup is described "the Mediterranean Meeting will be upgraded to a World Cup for 2010 and will include both an individual and a team event (teams will be national teams of 3) and will again include all 3 depth disciplines. During the event we will also have a static competition.

It will again be a 15 day event starting on Monday June 7th and finishing on Sunday June 20th with one week of training and one week of competition in all depth disciplines with Ranking and World Record status. Sled diving will also be available and we will also be able to organise record attempts during the training week and possibly during the competition week."

A video overview of this year's Mediterranean Freediving World Cup in Kalamata, Greece.

The website highlights sled diving in the no limits division. I tried a shallow dive with a sled in the Red Sea last year and brought a GoPro camera along to capture what went on. It is a pretty interesting video even for a dip in the shallow end of the pool.

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Rick Iossi

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