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Mermaid free diver, Linden Wolbert makes 17 mph with tail, swims with sharks.

Swimming with sharks seems straight forward enough but hauling butt, er tail at 17 mph?! Read it in the Daily Mail, so it must be true, uh right? Integrity of the press and all.

Complete story and more photos at:

and a video:

"Mermaid in Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Island! Mermaid Linden pulled out her passport and swam to none other than UNEXSO, the world-famous Underwater Explorerís Society, for a very special photo shoot. Aboard UNEXSOís Explorer II boat, Underwater Photographer Matthew Addison donned his scuba unit and impressive camera rig. Chief Safety Diver and UNEXSO Shark Feeder extraordinaire Cristina Zenato zipped up her wetsuit, and Mermaid Linden dived into the clear, warm waters for an encounter like no other: Swimming with Caribbean Reef Sharks in Bahamian seas!"
Complete article at:

and another clip with a bit more color. Sort of Jacques Cousteau silver divers go gold lame:

She even has a mermaid for hire website,

(as the sound track goes "able to stay underwater without oxygen?" Time to get a new script writer!)

Here's another intriguing one, in the water with a greek fellow instead of sharks.

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Rick Iossi

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