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A summary of what happened to the best of our knowledge in this sad accident:

Steve Schafer was kiting by himself about a 1/4 mile off the public beach in Stuart, FL in Feb. 2010. It was during the black tip shark migration where hundreds may swim by you while kiting in an hour. "Usually" they seem to ignore kiters although some have been bitten and in this area when in the water in years past. They actually may chase kiters when they transition it turns out. In this case we don't know what happened for sure but it looks like a larger, more aggressive bull shark hit Steve, likely when he was off his board for whatever reason. Larger bulls, tigers and hammerhead sharks following the smaller blacktip shark migration and feed upon it which has escaped notice by kiters in the past. Sharks often hit the motor centers in the legs to stop flight. This often results in cutting the femoral artery and exsanguination in a short period of time. Steve was seen by a lifeguard from an adjoining guarded beach. He went out to recover Steve and bring him to shore. He expired shortly after arriving at the beach due to blood loss.
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transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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