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Default Re: New Smyrna?-please help

Originally Posted by ozzy
alright guys, ive recently came upon kitesurfing and i really want to learn. problem is i like in oklahoma and the lake that people kitesurf on is not too beginner friendly and there is no instruction school here. Although, i am going to New Smyrna Beach, Florida this summer for vacation. and i would like to know if there is an instructional school close to New Smyrna because this may be my only chance to go to an instructional school.
I don't know of any off hand. I sent an email to David St. John who lives in New Symrna to see if he can offer some prospects. Two operations come to mind up and down the coast a ways including:

St. Augustine, FL

Close to Melbourne, FL

A map showing both locations and New Symrna appears at:
Have a good vacation!
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