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Default Re: New Smyrna?-please help

Hi Ozzy,

New Smyrna is not the best place to learn either, unfortunately, although if the waves are small it can be fine (and it's a *great* place once you get over the learning curve). The only instructor I know of in the area is Mike at Sandy Point Progressive Sports. Call (386) 756-7564 and talk to someone about kite lessons. I'm sure they can hook you up.

I'd start with them, but I know both Eddie and AJ personally and they are great instructors. Wouldn't be too far to drive either way, and you might even convince them to meet you somewhere like Titusville (which is an excellent place to learn).

It's great to see you taking a lesson! Be sure to check the wind while you're here. If it's windy, you'll probably find me at the Inlet (E) or doing a downwinder on the beach (N-NE or S-SE). Maybe we'll cross paths.

Good luck, and welcome to a great sport!

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