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Default Cab rolls through "Lord of the Winds".. good job guys!

Wow, what a windy event! The Cabrinha guys gave Los Barrlies everything they had and managed to take a good portion of the top spots. Here's a brief below! Pics to come...

Slalom: we had a 6 mark down wind slalom course. Conditions ranged from 18-25 knots. Due to rough seas, the start line was between a flag on the beach and a mark on the water. 4 racers and 2 go though hoping to meet in the finals. With 40 racers it took almost 2 hrs to make the finals. Rob and Damo were flying though the rounds along with Farley, Bison, and Colin. Due to an admin mess up, all of the last 7 heats were re-run and too bad for Damo, he failed to make it through the semis on the second go around. On the other hand, Sean Farley rocked the SL finals and dominated the final event with super speed, great board handling and kite controls that was amazing. Good job Farley!

Big Air: organizers decided to run a big air event with shadow boxes. While the idea seemed to be a good one, the shadow boxes were a total mess. Most failed and the entire thing had to be re-run. Despite cab guys taking the top 3 spots, I’d suggest that the shadow box guys need a total redesign. 1st Rob Douglas, 2nd Damien Leroy, 3rd Dante!

Course Racing: We had a huge fleet with 5 of the top 8 racers in the world. Conditions were 9-10 meter and large chop and swell. Right out of the gate it was clear that this would be the damo, heiniken, and koch show as these guys were in a league of their own. These 3 split races, crashed, and fouled each other to top spots. Out of 8 races, Damo won 3, heiniken won 3, and adam won 2. Damo got tossed on an over early in the long distance and these sealed his fate as he also was forced to hold onto a 5th place finish after his board hung up on a mark. The final 2 races of the event came down to a super final between damo and heinkien. On race 1 which featured a down wind start, then a windward leg followed by a 4 mark down wind slalom to a finish these guys were never more than a few feet apart. The crowd went crazy cheering for their rider. On the last lap, damo took a huge crash and heiniken went in for the win. Race 2 ended up being an even better battle, only finishing with a more wild end. heiniken and damo were rubbing kites on the final lap at speeds of 30 knots. heiniken butt checked and briefly lost control of his kite, altering its direction. Damos kite went through the center lines of heinikens and with a quick pump of damos bar, heinikens lines snapped and damo cruised though for the final win. 1st, heiniken, 2nd damo, 3rd bryan lake, 4th adam koch. In truth, adam missed one race on the last day and didn’t have a good last race. It seems as though heiniken, damo, and adam are alone at the top of kite course racing. Berney is clearly the most improved of the bunch and is one of the guys to watch in the near future. More to come…
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