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we are up in La Ventana at the Classic this week. just got back from sign up and it looks to be very well attended. no wind for the last few days and it looks light for tomorrow (1st day of the event) as well. SUP races on deck for A.M. and sleep for me. under the weather a bit with all of the new bugs...

Rob and Damo are ready to take a shot at the crossing, but the comp is pretty stiff. I'd say the Sean Farley is the one to beat after winning the last few years. Just saw Shawn Richman arrive. He's pretty fast too! He was second last year and I'm sure hoping for more. Rob is still working on boards and Damo is dialing in a new one so we will see how it goes. I'd guess that expected winds for the crossing will be around 20-25. The top 25 kiters qualify for kite course racing which will be a ton of fun.

Riders are allowed to bring 1 board and 2 kites over for the start of the race. It's pretty much a broad reach of 10 miles followed by a down wind to the finish of 1 mile. Winners should be arriving in around 20 minutes. The start is pretty important on this race if you want to win it.

Hoping to get a few photos up by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for the FL boys in Mexico.
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