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well unofficially, it blew 20+ and the kiters got smoked by three windurfers. The winner was Brian ? followed by Tyson Poor...both Neil Pryde sponsored guys. Johnny Heineken (ozone) was the first kiter to finish followed by Fl favorite Damo (cabrinha), with Sean Farley (North) third. Then came the old guys, Alex Aquerra (Cabrinha) and Fl other favorite Kent Marinkovic (Cabrinha), and they were followed by Shawn Richman.

Interesting to note, the the ages of the first three riders were like maybe 22,29,22, (just guessing), total of 62, while Alex 52 and Kent 41(guessing again) total of 93...and then Shawn again at 21.

I'm sure Kent will provide a much more accurate and detailed accounting of the 11 mile crossing. AND, Kirsten Ulmer (Cabrinha), the North West Cabrinha rep was first, dethrowning the 5 time crossing champ.
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