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Default Hurricane Prediction and Tracking Resources

Some links to various Internet Hurricane Information have been gathered here to provide general information.
Please refer to the actual websites for instructions and limitations and in particular the
National Hurricane Center website for reliance purposes.

National Hurricane Center (Primary Site)

Click link below for advisories, analysis and discussion.
A prediction of system movement and changes
Click and hit "animate" to see the GFS model projection

The European Model (ECMWF), click image above and use the slider at the top of the page to run through the time series of forecasts.

Wind Alert Realtime Wind Flow Map (CLICK image)

A good animation of forecast conditions worth examining.
Shea Gibson of Wind Alert provides an in-depth analysis of conditions

CLICK THIS OLD PHOTO for CURRENT Wind Alert information on the hurricane
A discussion of the various weather models

*** The Jeff Master's blog at Weatherunderground can provide some interesting insights into inbound tropical systems at:

Brian Norcross now has a blog on Weatherunderground as well.

NOAA Frontal Weather Maps

You can see a Weatherunderground loop of the more conservative and generally acknowledge to be more accurate ECMWF model at

Weather Radar:
They even have local radar with cloud cover, hazardous weather overlays. If you click on any of the buoy or ship symbols you can popup weather/seas data from those sources.

Animated surface analysis (CLICK image to link to site)
Texas A&M Power Outage Prediction
Hurricane guidance info from Colorado State University and Dr. Grey

A look at radar out of Martinique along the Antilles (you can put this in motion at the link below by hitting Animation)
Radar around Puerto Rico

Radar around Cuba

Radar around the Cayman Islands

Realtime winds around Florida, the Bahamas and Cuba,-83.172,6,1

A good tropical weather summary site with a lot of imagery (Thanks Felipe!)

News updates out of SE Florida:
News updates out of NW Florida:
News updates out of Central Florida:
News updates out of NE Florida:
News updates out of SW Florida:

General Hurricane References

Hurricane Preparation:

TV Station Listing For Florida

Online Radio Station Listing for Florida


Good luck to everyone through this hurricane season. Plan well and prepare early.
FKA, Inc.

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Rick Iossi

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