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Default Subtropical Storm Andrea Standup Session

Subtropical Storm Andrea

Paul Menta made a snap decision Tuesday at about 1 am just getting off from his restaurant, The Grand in Key West. Let's do a road trip to to Cocoa Beach to grab some rides courtesy of soon to be subtropical storm Andrea. So, he and Pedro mounted up within the hour and blasted all the way up the Keys and into the Cocoa area. It was BIG, double head high or better. Good news was, they were the only guys doing standup, more water and waves, right? They survived that day, sort of a Vietnam of Standup and tooled south to Boca Raton. We were going to meet for dinner but I got this call close to sunset. They drove down to the beach and the head high swells looked so good and clean that they threw in another session. Paul had been hitting it for about 36 hours at this point but still going strong. I came along to shoot some images which appear below:

Sunset is moving on, looking real good

Paul was out of the van and heading for the surf almost before Pedro had it shut down.

Paul grabs a glassy one

Pedro slides into one while a surfer ducks under the wave

You can learn a lot of technique just watching the guys and hearing them swap tips.

Pedro gets into gets a great wave

Guess we'll call that one better than head high

Getting about time to pack it in and grab dinner

Paul showing off his riding ware

And Pedro with his kit

This was just a short late day session. The guys hit it along with Jessie fresh in town from Cabarete early the next day. More to come on that.

To tie you over, here's a video clip of Paul and Jessie Paddling into the same wave this morning:

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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