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Hi guys...

No, didn't loose interest at all! Quite the opposite...people called from all over the country wanting to come...even fly in at last minute notice. I realized we need a lot more boats than we had lined up. Spring is busy here and all guides are fishing twice a day...made it hard to come up with 10 more boats or so...

I still feel the only safe way to do this is in teams...of any size, but with at least one boat in them...

You guys know we are all late in the season now and a summer race could happen but not as likely...

We are going to keep building teams and encouraging everyone to do the same. As teams are being built, we will put them online and promote their sponsors as well.

We will post lots more info about boat launches, bail-out beaches, hotels etc... throughout the Keys to make it easier for out-of-towners to participate.

Remember, this is not your typical event...

Thanks for all the interest...keep calling 305-393-3883 with questions or email

Ride On.
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