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Kiting should be more effectively promoted in the Miami Flats. Matheson is way too crowded, Crandon has capacity limits, Virginia Key Beach is lost to us, Hobie is still open for now with the odd built in accident and incident, all of Miami Beach is banned, thankfully it is largely not enforced. People from around the world still vacation in Miami, some want to kite and this is what we're dealing with, for close to a decade.

Tigertail, like Mead in Hollywood, the Dania Pier, Tiki Beach, Boca Raton, even Smathers have space limitations on how many kiters can realistically ride there, almost all have upwind riding requirements. Inside the bar at Tigertail is smaller than all of these. That hasn't stopped dozens of guys from crossing over to try to ride there, for years. Closing Tigertail or restricting access in Naples through careless or uninformed riding is unacceptable.

Solutions are needed, not doing the same dumb stuff that keeps dragging us into City Halls all over to try to preserve access. One solution, on the surface of it, a good one is taking more folks out to the Flats.

Can't have any hard feelings troubleshooter as I have no clue who you are. Thanks for your input though, catch you in another thread. In my opinion, the main thing that is uncalled for is continuing to do the same things that keep threatening to shut us down. Time to wake up and take care of what is important to all of us. Many people seem to go where they're led by others, not sure why but there it is. Let's try to lead them to the Flats.
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