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Default CABRINHA RACE SERIES: It's Heineken


The tenth night of the summer long Cabrinha Race Series was another night of great racing. Thirty-one riders competed mostly on 9M kites with some on 11s in winds that averaged about 21 (on the inside at Anita), and ranging from 14-26. Max Ebb was at 5:15 with the first start at 5:30.

Missing in action were Adam Koch and Brian Lake who were already on their way to Canada for the Canadian Open and Erika Heineken. The regulars were joined by some of the international riders who were still here from the North Americans; Ricardo Leccese and Alvaro Cardena

Overall, the end result for each race was pretty similar with Johnny Heineken on top followed closely by Ricardo Leccese, then Chip followed by the pack of Pasquali, Headington, Cadena, Due and Brown, in that order. The only others to break into the top eight places in any of the three races were Gomes and Nils with one 8th place finish each.

In the first race about three racers attempted a port start led by Eric Due…none of them made it past the fleet and lost ground in their successful attempts to weave their way thru the fleet. The fleet quickly spread out on the upwind leg to the bridge. At the windward mark it was Johnny followed by Due, a small gap, then two riders, another gap, and another 5 riders. Everyone took an outside line after rounding the windward mark. At the boat, Johnny had a 14 second lead and Due blew up falling to 4th. At the leeward gate it was Johnny by 16 seconds over Ricardo and Chip. Johnny and Chip took an outside line and Ricardo the inside. At the finish, it was Johnny by 23 seconds over Ricardo and then Chip, Pasquali and Due.

The second raced had Adam Worthington way over early and got an OCS. Basically the whole fleet started on starboard and came way inside before tacking to go to the bridge. At the windward mark it looked like Johnny, Joey and then a group of five rounded the windward mark and all took an outside line. At the boat, it was Johnny by 7 seconds over Ricardo and 12 over Chip, and then a group of five competitors. Thru the leeward gate, everyone took an inside line with Johnny starting to pull away. At the finish it was Johnny 13 seconds over Ricardo, 40 over Chip, 47 over Joey and 65 over Headington with Alvaro and Due another 4 seconds behind.

I wasn’t sure what happened at the start of the third race. It looked to me that Johnny was very late to the start and gave the entire fleet a 15-20 second head start. I didn’t hear an over early warning, so I think he was just late. The entire fleet started on starboard but unlike the second race, they didn’t go as far inside before tacking to the bridge. At the windward mark it was Joey followed by Ricardo and Chip and then a pack of eight. At the boat it was Ricardo by 5 seconds over Chip and then Johnny. Thru the gate, Johnny had passed Ricardo and Chip with all three taking the inside line. Johnny tacked off the point of last chance beach and Ricardo tacked over as soon as Johnny had passed him to windward. Near the finish, Johnny tacked and Ricardo covered but it was Johnny by 5 seconds over Ricardo, followed by Chip, Headington and Pasquali.

For the night, it was: Heineken 3 (1,1,1), Lecesse 6 (2,2,2), Wasson 9 (3,3,3), Pasquali 13 (4,4,5), Headington 15 (6,5,4), Cadena 19 (7,6,6),
Due 23 (5,7,11) and Brown 24 (8,9,7).

Note: Johnny, Bernie, and Adam finished atop the men’s podium in that order at the Canadian Open, while Erika finished first on the women’s podium. CONGRATS to all!

The Cabrinha Race Series is sponsored by Cabrinha, Ozone Travel and Captain Kirk’s, and hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club.
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