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Originally Posted by kent View Post
ok, before Rick has to close this thread like most of the Tampa threads...

Why don't we get together on Wednesday night at 8:00 at Berries in the Grove to get something constructive out of this. Creative ideas only and leave the gloves at home.

At this point, I'd think that one representative from each school would suffice. Given the posts above i'd recommend the following:

Schools: (if I missed any let me know)

Sky Banditz: Ken
Pro Waves: Camillo
Big Kite Miami: Miguel
Kite House: either Paul Menta or Brendon
Miami Kiteboarding: Christophe
South Florida Kiteboarding: Stephan
12 Kiteboarding: George


Adventure Sports Miami: Kent
The Kite Shop: Either Juan or Morgan
Liquid Sports: Jim

I'll contact all of the entities above and make the invite on Tuesday. In order for this to progress smoothly, I'm buying the beers. You're on your own for the food, the margins are slim in this business. Please, if you are serious about protecting our access, PM me with your acceptance. Thanks.


Kent Marinkovic

Guys, I think Kent is on to something here, preserving access is important to all of us. Sounds like discussion and progress. * Lets try to avoid personal attacks, it will force me to move them or shut down the dialog. * This is too important to do that, so let's use some restraint and keep the productive talk going. I would love to make the meeting but unless it is on Thursday, I won't be able to.

Sorry, Oliver had to move your post too.
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