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Some more info about running the flats:

For the first few times out there it would be good to go with someone that knows the area, like one of the sea taxi operations or a friend. The flats are easy to get to but channels through them can be deceptive. Also, be careful with the tides some boats get stranded at low tide on the bar or shallower flat areas. You don't want to get stuck too far away downwind or down current. Being too far down current AND in deep water is not a good thing, particularly if your boat is hung up on a low tide. Tidal current can move off the flats into deep water with some speed. Kiters use this to add to apparent wind at times but you don't want to get flushed into deep water and not be able to get back by accident. If you get stuck in shallows at a lower tide or just motor into the wrong area and start tearing up the bottom that is illegal as well and can result in some hefty fines. You're at the northern limits of Biscayne National Park. Also, motoring out at dusk or after dark is not a good idea either, even commercial guys get out in good daylight that know the area well.

More information appears at:

Tide info for the Biscayne Channel area:

It is a great place to go to but there are some precautions to follow too. Running with guys that know the area for the first few times is a good idea.
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