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I didn't realize it but the woman shown in the video clip from Ty's site is a particularly special person. She suffered a loss on an arm some years back. Not to be held down she has pursued a lot of activities the doctors said she would never be able to participate in again. She became interested in kiteboarding, tried a school but was unable to get into it. She met up with Ty Luckett of Hatteras Kiteboarding and with some design and tinkering on safety releases, time on the pole boat she has successfully been training to kite. WELL DONE Anitia and Ty! What a great example for what can be achieved if you commit to it and work hard.

Here story follows from

Originally Posted by anitabills
Hi Folks, So ar I am the only female one arm kiter, oh well. I am very new to this board as well as kiteboarding. This sport has been my dream ever since I move to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina 8 years ago. I have written to both one arm kiters yesterday and have been reading everyone's threads trying to learn what I need to implement to be able to succeed in my new challenge. As I had written the other two guys, my instructor and I both feel that I need to consider getting out should trouble be in the air, sort of speak. I had told Ty Luckett, my instructor when we first started back in the spring of this year, that I like what I have left of my body and I don't want to lose any more. :girl:
I have mastered the board and have tried body dragging but the challenge for me right now is the safety net, to get out should I ever have to. After seeing the web site on Christophe Ballois, his stump looks about as long as mine but due to some reconstruction on my stump the biceps muscle was split and wrapped around the bone so I could keep the amputation below the elbow. By doing this it took away from my stump the ability to hook like Christophe, so I am working with a new protheses, which in my 23 years of being a one hander person is a first for me. (you see you can do things without a hand better than someone without a leg). I have loved challenges and sports all my life and find this one just as exciting, especially after someone here on this island told me that there is NO WAY I will be able to kiteboard. Don't tell me I can't because I won't place limitations on myself.
Anyway I don't read or speak French so getting in touch with Christope would not work but I would love to hear what you have to say about getting out.
This is what we came up with
A new protheses which was made for canoeing/kayaking called the hammerhead and I just got it last week, so I am going to try and fly my trainer kite on the beach to see if I can control and unhook with one hand...wahoo, I am so glad Ty told me about this site. To know that there are others out here just as crazy as I am to do the things we want to do. Life is good...
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