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Default Demo demo demo

Yea I hear you Jason. I'm a newer rider as well and simply am not comfortable demoing someone elses kite... especially when I can't afford to replace it if I F it up I am interested though that everyone seems to think the 08 kites are that much better. I'm still riding 05 C kites but think after this sad sad season I might upgrade (next season when hopefully a new kite can be justified). Especially since I like being in the surf and I'm having a hard time actually "riding" waves, I mean "waves" with and it appears the depower of bows might be more suited for this. Or maybe I just need more practice

Every year it seems the new kites are "so much better". I always discredited this as hype. I know I already am appreciating starting out on Cs and to tell the truth I really like my C kites. I did demo a bow kite and it had litterally no bar pressure, which I didn't like at all. Do you guys really think the 08 kites are that much better?
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