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What a scandal:
Government officials making threats of “watch your back” ?
The Marlboro Man refusing to sell over priced out dated kites?
No wind leads to Lynching of local kiteboarder?
Turf war at pompano beach…. Everybody run for your lives, someone is having fun.

Grow up the lot of you and take a step back and think about what is the big picture is here. We are all kiteboarders, that alone separates us from the heard. Just go up and talk to the guy, if he doesn’t listen have an official handle it, pretty simple. From the sounds of it, he is approachable guy on the beach, which I heard is not the same for a lot of the locals at Pompano beach. Don’t make petty threats on forums to people and companies that have no control or the rights over what in individual does. I know RickI already addressed this issue.
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